Hummingbird Feeders


Here are some factors to take into consideration when purchasing a hummingbird feeder::

► Is the feeder easy to clean? How easily does it snap apart? Do I need a

brush to clean it?

►Does it leak?

►Are the feeding ports spaced so that several hummingbirds can feed at

one time?

►Are the feeding ports small enough to discourage or prevent bees?

►Can I see hummingbirds when they feed on ports that are on the

opposite side of my viewing point?

►Does the feeder have a built-in moat to keep ants out? If not, should I

buy a moat to hang just above the feeder?

► Is the feeder easy to hang? Can it be mounted on a post or attached to

a window?

►Is the feeder attractive to look at? (Unfortunately, some of the most

beautiful hummingbird feeders are not very functional.)

►Is the feeder too heavy?

►Is the feeder well constructed and durable?

Our Recommendations:

► Aspect Hummingbird Excel: This is a 16-ounce capacity feeder with

six feeding ports. It can be suspended from a built-in hanger or post

mounted. The feeding ports are difficult for bees to use, and there is a

built-in ant moat.

►Aspects Hummingbird Mini: This eight-ounce feeder is a smaller

version of the Excel. It is a great choice for those territorial hummers

that don’t like to share or for when there are only a few hummers

frequenting your garden.

►Droll Yankee Happy Eight: This is a 32-ounce feeder with eight

ports that are widely spaced. The Happy Eight is a good choice at the

peak of migration or any time there are lots of hummers around.

Another good choice would be plastic window feeders. Here’s a good


► Droll Yankee Window Hummingbird Feeder: This six-ounce

capacity feeder has two feeding ports. It allows us to watch

hummingbirds one or two feet from our face. The ports are positioned

for unobstructed viewing, and the feeder stays in place with two

suction cups that are provided. Though it is not bee-proof, it is our

favorite window feeder, and we’ve tried them all!

Some people prefer glass bottle feeders with a plastic base. These three

popular feeders are a little heavy and they require a bottle brush for cleaning

as well as a funnel for filling, but they rank high in attractiveness to

hummingbirds. All lack flowerlike targets, but the hummingbirds have no

difficulty using them.

► Nature’s Best: This feeder comes with either an 8- or 32-ounce

capacity bottle. Each has an eight-port base, and the tiny ports are


►Best-1: This feeder has a 32-ounce capacity bottle and eight feeding

ports. It has small, bee-resistant ports like the Nature’s Best feeders.

►Opus Garden Jewel: This 10-ounce, pear-shaped feeder is glass above

and has plastic bee-resistant feeding ports beneath.

Another popular type of feeder has a clear plastic nectar-filled cylinder above

a red plastic base with ports that resemble yellow flowers. Here are some


►Perky Pet 211: Holds eight ounces of nectar.

►Perky Pet 220 Grand Master: Holds 48 ounces.

►Bird Company Fliteline Feeder: This 30-ounce feeder is similar to the Perky Pet models, but has an hourglass shape.


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