Top 10 Hummingbird Videos


We all love hummingbirds. They are a natural attraction that we all love to watch. With their tiny sizes and interesting sounds, these little animals never fail to amaze us with their unique traits and diverse characteristics.

Check out these amazing videos that will remind you of the beauty and wonders of hummingbirds:

1) Animal Planet – Incredible Nature Hummingbirds Magic in the Air

Animal Planet allows us to enter into the world of hummingbirds through this beautiful documentary. Describing hummingbirds as “the most remarkable things on two wings”, the video showcases the colorful life of hummingbirds – their physical features, characteristics, habitat, behavior, and many others.

2) Humming Beautiful Birds National Geographic Animals

This lengthy video by National Geographic showcases the beauty of hummingbirds as their colors provide a stark contrast with the tropical forest background. National Geographic used the power of high-speed cameras to slow down and look into the fast life of these ‘jeweled messengers’ in the forests. In the later part of the video, the documentary looks into the interventions made by humans to be closer to hummingbirds.

3) Hummingbird Babies Birth to Fledging the Nest – First Flight

This is a great documentary that shows a female Allen’s Hummingbird taking care of her two babies from birth to fledging the nest. Close-up details of the nest, as well as the behavior of the young hummingbirds, were also featured. The young male’s first flight was also closely recorded.

4) Slow Motion Hummingbirds

BBC Earth Unplugged used high-definition lenses to closely watch the movements of hummingbirds around feeders. The video shows how hummingbirds use their long beaks to feed into the sugar water in the feeder. It also showcases the degree of wingbeat frequency that hummingbirds do even if the video has been slowed already.

5) Taming the Alaskan Hummingbird – The Story Behind “The Shot”

The video shows the adorable hummingbirds eating right at the hands of people. The owner shows different strategies to tame the hummingbirds to people’s hands and be comfortable with them. Also, it adds some tips on making the solution for the sugar water.

6) Top 20 Native Hummingbird Plants

In this video, you will find the different flowers and flowering plants that hummingbirds love to perch on as their nectar source. Most of these plants, which are native to the East Coast of North America, are brightly colored and have a tubular shape – which usually signify high sugar content.

7) Snoring Hummingbird – Super Cute Animals

This video shows a sleeping hummingbird snoring. We often see hummingbirds as very lively, fast, and colorful, but this video allows us to take a peek at these animals acting closely like humans. Who wouldn’t fall in love with this lovely creature and its high-pitched sleeping sound?

8) Hummingbird Tongues in Stunning Slow Motion

This short video shows how the hummingbird’s tongue serves as a tiny pump that helps it derive nectar from flowers, refuting common beliefs among biologists that the act is facilitated by capillary action. A study of 18 hummingbird species supports this claim.

9) Hummingbird Aerodynamics

This 5-minute video focuses on the flying behaviors of a hummingbird as it feeds on the feeder. Also, the video observes the ‘tail flick’ behavior that a hummingbirds does as it slowly approaches the feeder.

10) Hummingbird Happiness

Here, you can see how a hummingbird haven looks like. It was estimated that there are about 50 to hundreds of hummingbirds in this haven near the Lake of the Ozarks in Central Missouri. The video also shows the commitment of the family to keep the hummingbirds flocking in their yard.

These are just some of the best hummingbird videos that you can see online. Apparently, there are so many reasons to love hummingbirds. They are pieces of happiness and precious jewels in the air.