Top Birding Clubs In The United States


Top birding clubs in the united states ensure that active efforts are made towards bird conservation. Aside from ensuring the habitats of endangered bird species are protected, these clubs also have fun activities that members can take part in. There are fellowships, tours, sponsorships, and contests that are all geared towards ensuring members have a deeper appreciation for birds. Birding and bird watching ensures that different organizations get data about birds to be used in analyses and putting in place conservation programmes. As birding enthusiasts and ornithologists, consider joining one of these top biding clubs in the United States.

1. American Birding Association

The American Birding Association is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to recreational birding. Aside from having two blogs and a website, the association also has publications both in print and online format. This organization operates both in Canada and the United States and is known as the holder for vital birding in North America. Originally, ABA focused on finding, listing and identifying rear birds but today, the organization services all birds. It has got three periodical publications that educate people about different bird species.

Additionally, the American Birding Association has partnerships with publication houses to print ABA state guides. As a non-profit organization, ABA also organizes birding camps and birding competitions for recruited youth groups. Encouraging the younger generation to embrace birding is the surest way to ensure that this culture does not die. There are scholarships offered as well to the young generation to help as many youths as possible studying ornithology. Besides, the annual ABA young birder of the year competition motivates the younger generation to take an interest in birding. All in all, the American Birding Association makes efforts to promulgate codes of birding ethics.

Birders are not only guided to protect birds but also bird habitats and the environment as a whole. Partnerships with for-profit companies help with sales of bird finding guides and the profits are used in running the organization and sponsoring events. As a member, you get the opportunity to participate in rallies, tour, and workshops that expand your knowledge in ornithology. For research perspectives, the ABA Institute for Field Ornithology is used to draw a bigger picture as about factors contributing to bird variations and populations. In addition to this, workshops foster cooperation between amateur ornithologists and professionals for seamless transfer of knowledge and information.

The American Birding Association has also won several awards thanks to the organization’s active involvement in educating the public about birds and ways to help conserve habitats. Over the years, the American Birding Association has graduated from a comparison of birding lists and exchanging information to the promulgation of a code of birding ethics.

2. Cornell Lab of Ornithology

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology is dedicated to the study of birds and other wildlife. It’s a unit supported by members and runs within Cornell University. Located in Ithaca, New York, Imogene Powers Johnson Center for Birds and Biodiversity houses Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Aside from students, professionals and staff are also able to join the club. This is a group of ornithologists devoted to the Lab’s mission. The Sapsucker Woods Sanctuary is where it all goes down.

Aside from conserving birds and biodiversity, the Cornell Lab of Orthinology also earth’s biological diversity as a whole. The club uses education and research to contribute to making the world more aware of birding. This group of citizens focused on birds also makes book publications through the Cornell Lab Publishing Group. Moreover, don’t forget that there are monthly electronic newsletters that get distributed to keep every member updated and also spread the word about the importance of bird conservation.

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology is also behind the publication of Webby’s award-winning All About Birds. CLO was founded in 1915 as the very first successful attempt to introduce a graduate programme in Ornithology in the whole of the United States. The Lab was initially located at the University’s Limnology and Entomology department. Today, it is an administrative unit within the university with an annual budget of $20.5 million. The club uses locals’ everyday birder observation to collect data that’s being put to scientific use. Birdwatchers help in data collection which is used to capture the bigger picture about the abundance of different bird species.

Members actively participate in lab projects, and the eBird database holds a record of the different species discovered so far. Thus far, the Cornell Lab of Ornithology has data from 200 different counties amounting to 10,415 different bird species and counting. Research is used to answer different questions related to expansion, variation, and decline of specific bird species. Citizens take part in science projects, and the data is used to draw charts, maps and tables to help better understand bird demographic. Massive amounts of data are converted to relevant information in the field of ornithology.

3. American Bird Conservancy

This in-profit membership organization focuses its efforts towards conservation of native birds. The organization also ensures that the bird habitats are also protected. ABC works in partnership with other birding clubs like the Bird Conservation Alliance and the North American Bird Conservation Initiative. The main focus is to look into threats to birds in the Western Hemisphere. Bird threats include but are not limited to sprawl, habitat distraction, invasive species, and pesticides.

Just like many other top birding clubs in the United States, the American Birding Conservancy also has bird guide publications. The organization encourages farmers to practice bird-friendly agriculture so that rare species don’t go extinct due to lack of food. The organization also contributes to wind turbine construction and raptor conservation. Additionally, ABC takes part in fundraises geared towards Caribbean and Latin America bird conservation projects. In Latin America, ABC has made a mark by purchasing land to protect endangered bird species and their habitats. Not to forget the partnerships ABC has with affiliate and non-affiliated organizations to help protect wintering bird habitats in Colombia.

In 2010, ABC was part of an expedition to resulted in the discovery of two nesting colonies and 2007; the US Federal Government commissioned the organization to study the United State’s state of birds. All in all, the effective conservation efforts made by ABC over the years such as stopping mountaintop mining to protect viral breeding habitat ensure birds are conserved.

4. Ohio Ornithology Society

Ohio Ornithology Society is among the top birding clubs in the United States, and its major contributions are coming up with state of the art maps that highlight places people can watch birds in Ohio county and its environs. The geographical orientation of Ohio makes it suitable for bird watching as it tends to harbor a wide variety of bird species. The Ohio Ornithology Society takes an interest in both extinct and extirpated birds. As an ornithology society, OOS’s integral role is to support different bird species. Some of the best bird habitats can be found in the Midwestern state, and Ohio

Ornithology Society ensures it remains so. Preservation of bird diversity ensures that the bird watching culture and birding as a whole is carried forward to future generations.
This top birding club is a membership-based organization that uses resources across the state to collect birding information. As a result, members’ knowledge of wild birds is enhanced, putting individuals in a better position to conserve bird species. OOS is part of Ohio County’s birdwatching network, and membership gives you the opportunity to interact with like-minded individuals.

Additionally, OOS organizes and promotes fellowships among enthusiasts for the study and enjoyment of wild birds. The organization is also behind select scholarships for the promotion of ethical interactions with birds. Also, the organization spearheads recruitment of young and beginner birders to ensure the venerable history of birding is passed on to the next generation. This wide-reaching, worldwide organization ensures that each member has a deeper appreciation of wild birds.

5. BirdLife International

Not only is this organization among the to birding clubs in the United States, but also an international birding organization that uses a local-to-global approach for a global impact. BirdLife International focuses on global biodiversity, and this is achieved encouraging members across the globe to work with nature in their various localities to contribute towards the organization’s overall goal. Aside from conserving birds and their habitats, BirdLife international comes up with practical and sustainable solutions that guarantee long-term conservation. There are 121 BirdLife partners worldwide who connect nationally and internationally to deliver high impact and widely recognized conservation solutions.

Additionally, BirdLife International campaigns for sustainability in the use of natural resources. Aside from ensuring bird species are conserved, the organization also makes conservation efforts for the benefit of nature. The implementation of successful conservation programmes ensures that useful feedback is obtained from projects. This is the world’s largest nature conservation partnership that has more than 10 million members and supporters.


Ornithologists and enthusiastic birders benefit by being members of top birding clubs in the United States. Recruitments of the youth ensure that the birding culture is passed on to the next generation.



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