Top Birding Clubs & Associations In The State Of Oregon


Oregon has established itself as a leader in the U.S when it comes to bird watching. There are over ten Audubon society chapters across different counties in Oregon. Becoming a member of a Top Birding Clubs in Oregon ensures you enjoy your time learning new stuff about birds as an enthusiast. The local birding clubs have birding events that allow you to interact with different birding enthusiasts. Birdingpals are experts who take birdwatching seriously, and it’s a privilege to get to interact with them. Since they provide almost every resource for your birdwatching meetups, you can extend courtesy by fueling or sponsoring lunch.

1. OSU Bird Nerds

This is a university-based birdwatching club that allows graduates, undergraduates, community members, as well as, faculty to become members. If you are attending Oregon State University or you live in its environments, consider joining the club. It is a student-run birding club that uses university resources to help birding enthusiasts to learn more about different birds. As an enthusiastic birder, you get to be part of fun activities and tours that enable you to expand your knowledge.

The cleverly named club invites outside speakers for birding activities so that members get a fresh perspective. There are field trips, as well as, educational seminars that involve bird identification and other related topics. When school is in session, there are meetings that allow you hands-on information when it comes to birdwatching and bird conservation. You also get to learn about mist-netting and tree-climbing during workshops that OSU Bird Nerds hold. You can visit to find out more.

Corvallis is a veritable birdwatching epicentre in Oregon, and the
ornithological club is evidence of the same. You get to delve into the newest research and learn useful skills along the way.

2. Oregon Birding Association

If you are new in the birdwatching scene, you should probably begin with the Oregon Birding Association. They have an official website that you can visit to find out more about the activities members take part in. As an enthusiastic birder, Oregon Birding Association ensures that you are part of many fun activities. Unlike OSU Bird Nerds, the organization does not operate like a club, but there are many events it sponsors.

You get to interact with expert ornithologists and familiarize with the concept of birding. The Oregon Birding Association is an officially recognized organization that is open for new membership. Visit for more details. Even the greenest amateur has a place at Oregon Birding Association as the websites are very informative and engaging.

3. Audubon Society of Portland

This is a ubiquitous and powerful society whose chief organizer is the Portland chapter. With cheerleading and data assessment, The Portland society organizes traditional Christmas bird watches. The society has an official website you can find out more about what they do; Aside from bird counts and ecologically beneficial community activities, Audubon Society of Portland also makes holidays more interesting. Their conservation efforts ensure that rare birds in Oregon are preserved.

Being a member of the Audubon Society of Portland gives you the opportunity to be part of hands-on activities that help raise decent non-profit money. There are also organization trips and classes that allows groups of youngsters to learn more about birding. Joining the Audubon Society of Portland ensures you are part of Oregon’s growing birders community.

4. Pendleton Bird Club

Pendleton Bird Club is a renown bird watching club that was founded in 2003. It now has over 200 enthusiastic members who meet each year to talk about birding related topics and interact with each other. It is considered among the most successful birding clubs in the 21st century with a growing membership roll. The regular meetings always take place from October through to May. The Pendleton Bird Club invites luminaries from the birding world as guest speakers for their annual meetings.

As a member, you get to participate in ornithological topics and partake potluck dinners during the meetings. This is a birding club from Umatilla County, allowing bird enthusiast to interact with each other. You can visit to find out more about Pendleton Club’s operation and activities. This is an active group that brings together individuals who share a fascination with birds. You can look at the club’s calendar of events on their official website for activities you’d like to participate in. There are monthly Kakya Taymut newsletters that have been issued since 2003.


Bird watching is a fun activity that allows you to interact with nature and different types of birds. The top bird clubs in Oregon ensures you have the opportunity to interact with fellow bird enthusiasts. Being part of ornithology ensures you have the opportunity to make contributions towards the conservation of birds. You can visit to get contacts of local birding pals. You can make an appointment and get the opportunity to watch birds with experts.



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