Top 10 Best Squirrel Feeders for 2021 Reviews


For a lot of people, squirrels are simply a part of their life when looking out the backyard window. They are one of the most commonly found animals in nature, and their comfort level around humans means they are here to stay.

Not everyone loves squirrels. In fact, there are probably some people reading this right now who are looking for a squirrel feeder simply to keep them away from bird feeders and other food sources in the area. However, they are interesting to watch and interact with at times.

Whatever the reasoning, a good feeder for a squirrel will be able to do a lot of things for them that a bird feeder will do for birds. A good, dependable feeder with the ability to see the squirrels pretty clearly is all most people are looking for. They don’t have to be huge castles or anything like that for them to enjoy life to the fullest.

Below is a look at the very best options out there. The top squirrel feeders on the market today Depending on a variety of factors, one or two of them at the least will work perfectly for most people.

Top Squirrel Feeders

1. Woodlink Squirrel Munch Box Feeder

Woodlink Squirrel Munch Box Feeder

This is one of the three feeders from Woodlink to make this list. They are one of the most trusted brands in this industry, but each one of their feeders is just a little bit different.

Having a munch box with this design is perfect for those who want the squirrels, and only the squirrels, to access the food. It might take them a while to fully figure it out, but when they do, up to three pounds of food awaits them.

The design makes it impossible for even the most persistent birds to lift the door. Sometimes, a person will need to prop the door open initially to teach squirrels the proper technique. They usually get the hang of it though.

It's a bit of an expensive feeder, but truly one of the best overall options out there. For a deluxe type of feeder with everything a person can ask for, it's hard to top this.


Protects food from birds completely
High quality materials used
Door doubles as platform for squirrels


Slight learning curve for squirrels
Not enough space for multiple squirrels at once

2. Kaytee Cedar Feeder

Kaytee Cedar Feeder

The Kaytee Cedar Squirrel Feeder shares a lot of similarities with the Munch Box above. The cedar is one way this one stands out though, and has its own unique look. This is one of the best looking feeders a person can find on the market today.

The plexiglass does a great job preventing the birds from getting into the food, albeit probably not as good as Woodlink's option above. This one is a bit more spacious for the squirrels, but both are probably only going to be big enough for one squirrel to be using at a time.

This one is slightly cheaper, which is something to consider. If the cedar wood matches perfectly with the vibe of the rest of the backyard, it is hard to argue with this feeder.


Beautifully made with cedar
Build is durable enough to be left outside all year
Multiple places for squirrels to sit or stand on while eating.


Some squirrels will try to chew the plexiglass for easier access to the food
Somewhat messy

3. Belle Fleur – Bird Feeders 50116 Adrndck Squirrel Feeder

Belle Fleur - Bird Feeders 50116 Adrndck Squirrel Feeder

A feeder designed to look like a human chair is a cool and creative way to provide food for squirrels. When eating, they do have to pretty much sit in the chair like a person would. With all that being said, this option might look great, but it is not for everyone.

This is a feeder a bit on the smaller side. One ear of corn is not going to last long if multiple squirrels are in the area. They could end up fighting for fresh food almost as soon as it is displayed.

Even if multiple squirrels are constantly using it, the materials used for this feeder is great. It is very well put together, and shows minimal wear even after a season of heavy use.


A unique, fun way to observe squirrels eating
Chair is very well made
Minimal work needed to put together


Only offered in one color currently (mint green)
Food supply runs out quickly

4. Open Platform Squirrel Feeder with Peanuts

Open Platform Squirrel Feeder with Peanuts

This feeder is basically designed as a feeding trough for squirrels. They can easily climb trees to access the full display of food. For better or worse, so can plenty of other animals as well.

Setup is super easy, as it doesn't even need to be mounted necessarily like the others. Simply hanging it on a branch is good enough in some cases.

The feeder does come with a 10 ounce bag of peanuts, which helps with the value a little bit. A little bit of a different design could be preferred by some people looking for an easy way to provide food for squirrels.


Very easy to access
Sturdy and durable material
Plenty of space for a lot of food at once


No holes for drainage when water gets in it
Many types of animals enjoy the access besides squirrels

5. Picnic Table Feeder

Picnic Table Feeder

A picnic table for the squirrels seems simple enough. This design is very basic, practical and easy to set up. A true table for two squirrels if they want to share, but with the limited space for food, it might not end well.

Just having space for one ear of corn is tough for those people who have a lot of squirrels. Replacing the food will be fairly frequent. Since it is a cheaper option though, setting up multiple ones in the yard might be the way to go.

Durability is definitely great with this, and there is not much that can go wrong as far as fragile or moving parts. Overall, a very simple and effect model to consider.


Simple, affordable design
Sturdy enough for two squirrels to use simultaneously
Can be mounted virtually anywhere


Only one ear of corn can be provided at a time
Too easy for other animals to access

6. Woodlink Squirrel Diner Model 75590

Woodlink Squirrel Diner Model 75590

The Woodland Squirrel Diner might look complicated, and for some squirrels, it definitely is at first. Trying to get the feeder open and access to the pounds of food can be tough initially. Eventually, most will end up figuring it out.

So why this design? It helps to keep away birds mostly, but also other mammals. It also allows a lot of food to be stored at once (up to four pounds).

Unless the squirrel actually gets inside the feeder, it isn't the most comfortable for them. A lot will end up sitting on the food while they eat it.

This design blends in well with just about any yard, which is a plus for a lot of people. Some might try to also provide a platform for the squirrels nearby, but it isn't necessary.


Design keeps other animals away
Metal is very durable
Blends in well


Not the easiest for squirrels to access

7. Spinning Squirrel Feeder Big Wheel

Spinning Squirrel Feeder Big Wheel

This feeder at first glance looks a bit like a hamster wheel. The unique design not only catches the attention of humans, but squirrels as well. Seeing the food on display and the moving parts attracts them to this feeder instead of one designed for birds.

Having a wheel might not seem that comfortable, but remember squirrels are only going to be there a short amount of time to eat. After that, they move on, some comfort doesn't always have to be that stressed.

The whole feeder is made of metal, and it sets up easily out of the box. After setup though with so many moving parts, there is just a higher risk of something going wrong. Sometimes, little adjustments need to be made with screws. Other times, pieces can flat out break off if animals are too rough with it. Fortunately, the company does respond well and help out people struggling.


Holds up to 9 corn cobs at once
Turning design brings squirrels in
Made of metal that handles different weather all year long


All the moving parts means a higher chance of repairs
Must be perfectly level to work correctly

8. Large Platform Squirrel Feeder

Large Platform Squirrel Feeder

A lot of people are initially drawn to this feeder simply because the price is unbeatable. A squirrel feeder for well under $20? That almost seems too good to be true. While it isn't the absolute best or the highest quality imaginable, it does a lot of things right.

The design is very simple. In fact, some could find it too simple. Nevertheless, it provides a platform for squirrels to climb on, and then a place to put corn. That's it. The open design is easy to watch squirrels come and go, and keep an eye on the food level.

For bigger yards, a cheaper option like this is perfect to buy two or three of. It's hard to argue against the price, but some might just want a bit more to the feeder.


Unbeatable price
Handles different weather conditions well


Only holds corn well
Some can find the design a bit too simple

9. Woodlink NASQBOX2 Audubon Squirrel Munch House Feeder

Woodlink NASQBOX2 Audubon Squirrel Munch House Feeder

A house for squirrels might be exactly what people are looking for to put in their home. These are not only very easy for squirrels to use and then move on, but they also put them on display for those who enjoy watching them.

Squirrels are not always the brightest, so some people prefer the simplest way possible to feed them. There is nothing for them to figure out with the food, as it is right there for easy access. Unfortunately, that does mean other animals can access it too, but the house is small enough that it keeps a lot of animals away.

Multiple squirrels can use the house at once, meaning they will be less tempted to go after bird feeders. In fact, with three pounds of seed, this house is perfect for those who are seemingly always dealing with squirrels in their yard.


Very durable build
Easy access for squirrels
Installation is easy


Mounting could use additional screws on the bottom for added support
Food can spill somewhat easily

10. Songbird Essentials Recycled Poly Squirrel Feeder Table & ChairSongbird Essentials Recycled Poly Squirrel Feeder Table

With a simple, sturdy and effective design, there is really nothing wrong at all with this option from Songbird Essentials. Factor in that it is made of recycled materials, and you have a very solid feeder in general.

Some people are going to look at this option and be a little bit worried about the price. It is a bit more expensive, but the materials are a big reason why. The durability of the materials makes it one of the best options on the mare, but there does seem to be a premium for recycled poly.


Made of recycled materials
Simplistic design


No bonus features

Squirrel Feeder Selection Tips

As you may have noticed already from our above list, the squirrel feeder models span a wide variety of styles (more on this in a minute). Some of them focus primarily on the practicality of the design. Then there are models that add a touch of playfulness, so it becomes fun to watch those furry rodents eating out of them. However, before you decide on one or more of these models, there are a few things to take into consideration.

Selecting a Squirrel Feeder

1. Why do you need the feeder?
Most commonly, folks will install a separate and dedicated feeding platform for squirrels in order to keep these rodents from foraging for food off your primary bird feeders. Yes, there are squirrel proof bird feeder models available, but they are not always too effective (squirrels are extremely cunning when it comes to finding food and what with their exceptional acrobatic skills and all, they will often outwit the manufacturers of the design!). Secondly, squirrel proof feeders are often bulky and take more space and it is not practical at all to keep all your different bird feeders out of the reach of these animals.

So, if you want the squirrels out of your bird feeding station, it is important that you strategically place your feeder for the squirrels. At the same time though, you need to choose a model that will be attractive to the squirrels, so that they will prefer to have their food from this feeder and will keep the bird feeding platforms alone.

2. How Many squirrels?
If you’ve no more than 2 to 3 of these bushy-tailed critters frequenting your yard, you may settle for smaller feeder models such as the ones that let you spike a single corn cob. However, if your yard is visited by a somewhat larger population, we suggest you go for one of those bigger diner feeder or tray/platform models that will let you place a variety of foods in larger quantities.

[NOTE however, that if you are placing a squirrel feeder in your yard, you may see an increase in the population of these rodents in your yard. If you are apprehensive of this, we suggest you get a model that is designed to feed only one squirrel at a time.]

3. Material
First of all, if you choose a model made of wood, find something that will weather well, such as rosewood or cedar models. However, the wood also needs be strong enough so the squirrels won’t be able to chew or gnaw at it (to state the obvious, they have rather sharp teeth!). Normally, feeders made of unfinished wood or ones with reinforced metal (copper, bronze, etc.) edges are best for this purpose. Or, you may go for sturdy, rust-proof steel models (normally colored a matte forest green).

When it comes to material, another thing to take special note of is whether or not the model (especially the wood ones) resists fungus and bacteria. Otherwise, you may unwittingly end up harming these little creatures.

4. Aesthetics
Finally, you may want to go for a model that blends in well with the overall look of your garden or backyard space. Or, on the other hand, choose one that stands out as a sort of statement piece. There is a huge variety of handsome models on offer from different brands, so it won’t be difficult to find a model that suits your taste and preferences.

Types of Squirrel Feeders

As we’ve mentioned, squirrel feeders come in a wide variety of designs. However, the two basic types are:
1. Feeders with a metal spike or screw that let you put one or more corn ears (you may also use some other fruits or vegetables on these models, such as pumpkin, zucchini, carrot, apple etc.—foods that squirrel favor) on to the model.
2. The box or house feeder where you can put a variety of foods such as shelled or unshelled nuts, acorn, whole kernel corn or other seeds.

But you’ll also find a host of ingenious designs within these two types. Some of these are fun to watch when the squirrels actually come to get their food from them. The Picnic Table model, for example. It is a great source of amusement for any onlooker to watch one of these cute mammals squatting on the table and nibbling away at the corn seeds at breakneck speed!

It is even more fun to see their crazy acrobatics on the spinning wheel type models. They almost look hysterical the way they go about at one of these models. However, these apparently fun models are not thus designed only for the sake of fun. They serve other useful purposes as well.

For a first, these models (the spinning ones, especially) serve to keep the squirrels busy and make them actually work a bit for their food. Thus, they help to distract the squirrel’s attention from other ready food options such as the bird feeders.

In fact, it is a common feature of most of these feeders that they don’t give these little creatures too easy an access to the food. Since the squirrels are anyway quite ingenious when it comes to finding their food, they would get to the food items all the same. But if you serve the food in a platter, so to speak, they may actually get too dependent on your feeder.

This is bad for two reasons. First, you’ll have to keep supplying them with enough food, which becomes a strain on your purse. More importantly, squirrels thrive on a variety of foods (as we’ll discuss on the FAQs section below) and it’s actually to their detriment if they become accustomed to just one or two types of foods.

That said, if your primary goal in putting up a squirrel feeder is to deter them from jumping on to the bird feeders, you must see to it that it is NOT TOO DIFFICULT for the squirrels to find their food from the feeder. Otherwise, your purpose will be defeated!

There are also squirrel feeders that are designed specifically to make the food available to those little mammals only. In other words, feeders that BIRDS CANNOT ACCESS. These models normally have a lid or a roof that needs to be lifted to get to the food. And these roofs are too heavy to lift for even larger birds (such as Blackbird or Jays).

Finally, if you want the squirrels to watch at their hysterical best, you may check out this Horse Head Squirrel Model* (also available in Unicorn and Donald Trump versions!).


Top Squirrel Feeder Brands

Woodlink has a variety of quality squirrel feeder models as well as different squirrel food and food mix on offer. These products are affordably priced and well-favored by actual users. Woodlink is a premium brand in the bird-feeding products niche and enjoys great reputation both for their high quality products as also for their excellent customer service. Other reliable brands include Kaytee, Perky Pet and Songbirds Essentials.

Average Pricing

As you can see from our list, many quality feeders are available in the $20-$25 price bracket. However, if you want to step it up a notch (and we strongly recommend it if you’re not working on a strict budget), go for models priced around $35-$40. These are high quality models that will last long and will pay for their own price in more than one way.

Squirrel Feeding FAQs

What do you put in a squirrel feeder?

If it’s one of those corn ear feeders, you obviously skewer corn cobs on them. However, squirrels that live in a human habitat also come to like a variety of fruits and vegetables, so you can also put zucchini, carrot, squash, pumpkin, or even occasional apples on these models.

On the other hand, if you use a box feeder, you can put a variety of food items such as corn kernels (most cost-friendly); shelled and roasted peanuts*; many different species of nuts such as beechnuts, hickory nuts, walnuts, pistachios and so on; grapes, strawberries, etc.; and lastly, seeds such as safflower, black oil sunflower seeds and so on. Variety is good but it all depends on how much you can shell out for feeding squirrels only.

*[PLEASE NOTE: Many offer unshelled peanuts to squirrels, however this is anything but a good option. Raw peanuts often contain a fungus that may be extremely harmful to squirrels.]

What is the best food for wild squirrels?

Seeds, nuts and a variety of tree buds and tree flowers are the best food for wild squirrels.

How do I keep birds out of my squirrel feeder?

As mentioned above, there are special roofed squirrel feeder models that are designed so that the birds cannot gain access to the food (the roof is too heavy for them to lift). There are also some hinged lid models with plexiglass front (such as the Audobon Munch Box line of feeders) that prevent the birds from stealing your squirrel food.

How much does a squirrel eat daily?

The most commonly found Gray Squirrels eat about one pound of food per week which makes about 2-3 ounces each day. Other species, such as smaller Red Squirrels eat less whereas Fox Squirrels eat considerably more. Remember that squirrels, like most rodents, also gather and bury/stow away food for winter.

How to Make your Own Squirrel Feeder DIY

Here are two excellent resources on how to make a variety of squirrel feeders all on your own.



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