Top 10 Best Finch Feeders for 2021 Reviews


Studies have shown that spending time in and watching nature is good for the soul. Perhaps, that is why so many people place bird feeders on their property or venture into the bush to watch the birds flick from branch to branch and listen to their songs. Adding a bird feeder to a property brings nature closer, as well as helping to sustain bird populations. With the vast amount of bird feeders available on the market, there is an overwhelming amount to choose from. From feeders that are aimed at certain types of birds to squirrel-proof feeders, suet feeders and open or enclosed feeders, there is something for everyone and every bird.

Those interested in attracting the small-to-medium sized mighty finch will enjoy their dainty chirps, conical bills suited for eating seeds, and colourful plumage. Their worldwide distribution, except for polar regions and Australia, make them a commonly-enjoyed bird in many parts of the world. Consider the following 10 top finch feeders.

1. Kaytee Finch Feeder

Kaytee Finch Feeder

The Kaytee finch feeding station is constructed from a soft and malleable mesh material capable of holding more than seven pounds of food. Classed as a 'sock' feeder, its design provides a large surface area to allow more room to accommodate large numbers of birds feeding at the same time.

The feeder is easily refillable and comes with a strong cable already looped and ready to be hung from a favourite branch. This finch feeder has a large weather-resistant dome reservoir on the top of the feeder from which the seed trickles into, filling the sock, so there is less need for refills.

The weather-resistant dome storage protects the seed from moisture entering and causing molding and bacterial growth; this feature also helps keep the feeder cleaner for longer. The Kaytee finch feeder comes with two socks for immediate use and two additional socks for replacement. For just over $16, owners can enjoy hours of finch-watching.


• Reasonable price
• Accommodates large numbers of birds
• Comes with replacement socks
• Weather-resistant seed reservoir
• Holds more than seven pounds of food
• Socks can easily be refilled from the top


• Necessary to order replacement socks
• Socks do get holes in them after prolonged use

2. Stokes Select 38194 Bird Feeder

Stokes Select 38194 Bird Feeder

The Stokes Select bird feeder is constructed from highly durable and resilient high-density plastic and metal that is weather resistant. The feeder comes complete with a sturdy hanging ring to easily hang from your desired branch location.

The wide opening makes the Stokes Select feeder one of the simplest feeders around to open and refill. Cleaning the feeder is also very user-friendly. The bright yellow feeder is designed to attract birds and brighten up its surrounding space.

Purchasing a feeder from Stokes Select is a choice consumers can feel good about as a portion of the proceeds is donated to bird conservation initiatives. Stokes is known as an industry leader when it comes to supplying the market with high-quality bird feeders and accessories.

For just over $11, the Stokes Select feeder is an affordable choice that the birds will love as much as the owner.


• Bright and attractive design
• Easily refilled and cleaned
• Made from durable high-density plastic
• Weather-resistant
• Comes ready to hang
• Affordable price


• Feeder can only accommodate a few birds at a time

3. Woodlink NATUBE9 Audubon Plastic 8 Port Thistle Finch Feeder

Woodlink NATUBE9 Audubon Plastic 8 Port Thistle Finch Feeder

This Woodlink Audubon finch feeder is a purchase consumers can feel good about making. The Audubon society is dedicated to the conservation of birds and works tirelessly to research and educate the world on the value of birds.

This feeder is constructed from high-density plastic and metal, so it is weather-resistant, durable, and easy to clean and sterilize. The feeder holds approximately two pounds of bird seed, and with its eight additional perches, plus the bottom perch, this feeder can accommodate an impressive number of birds at one time.

The feeder has tiny seed ports that the finches can extract with their bills. The small seed ports ensure that only finches and smaller birds can extra the bird seed; this is ideal to prevent larger birds and squirrels from absconding with the bird seed.

For such as affordable price, this feeder is an excellent choice for finch-enthusiasts that want to keep more seed in their feeder than on the ground.


• Long feeder at 15"
• Multiple perches to accommodate more birds
• Made from durable plastic and metal
• Easy to clean and sterilize


• Needs frequent refilling

4. Droll Yankees DROCJTHM36Y Hanging Tube Bird Feeder

Droll Yankees DROCJTHM36Y Hanging Tube Bird Feeder

This Droll Yankees hanging tube feeder features a bright yellow cap and base to attract finches to the feeder. The feeder can hold up to three-and-a-half pounds of bird seed. With 20 seed ports, the feeder can accommodate a large number of finches feeding at once.

The feeding tube contains an internal baffle that funnels the seeds downward so the feeder empties efficiently. The feeder can be hung with the stainless steel hanging wire it comes complete with or can be mounted on a pole. The feeder is 40 inches long.

Droll Yankees feeders are known for their user-friendly design as the sliding metal cap allows for easy refilling. The drainage holes prevent a build up of moisture in the tube so that mold and bacteria don't accumulate, keeping the seed fresh for longer.

The wire hanger is chew-proof and the metal top and base is zinc die-cast so that it will last a lifetime. The clear tube is UV stabilized so it will not yellow over time. The seed ports are the perfect size for the finch's bills, so larger birds and squirrels can't access the seed.

The size of this feeder, its longevity, and the amount of birds it can accommodate make it a great bargain for its price of under $35.


• Huge feeder accommodates multiple birds at one time
• Bright design attracts birds
• Made from weather-resistant durable materials
• Holds over 3 pounds of seed
• Easily refillable
• Can be hung or pole-mounted


• Tube length makes it difficult to clean

5. Perky-Pet No/No Green and Black Finch Feeder

Perky-Pet No/No Green and Black Finch Feeder

The Perky Pet No/No finch tube feeder features a unique construction made from mesh wire and metal, with no wood and no plastic. The mesh wire design allows for both perching and clinging birds to feed easily from the holes in the mesh.

The feeder features a baffler top to keep pesky squirrels out and provide feeding birds with shelter during inclement weather. The feeder is very low-maintenance as it is easy to clean and refill.

Capable of holding up to 1.75 pounds of seed, this feeder would require fairly frequent refills, especially during peak feeding seasons. Able to feed 10-to-15 birds at one time, this feeder is ideal for those that love to watch the feeding, clinging, and perching process.


• No wood, no plastic construction
• Can hold 10-to-15 birds at once
• Ideal for both clingers and percher
• Squirrel-proof


• Requires frequent refilling

6. Perky-Pet Upside Down Goldfinch Feeder

Perky-Pet Upside Down Goldfinch Feeder

The Perky-Pet Goldfinch feeder features patented upside-down seed port stations to make the feeding process as simple as possible for the goldfinches via bands and perches.

The feeder is designed with form and function in mind as it will enhance the look of any outdoor space. Measuring almost 16 inches long, multiple goldfinches can feed at the same time in comfort and style.

The feeder can hold up to three pounds of seed, making the need for refiling less frequent than other feeders on the market. Both the cap and tube are weather-resistant. For just over $20, this feeder is regarded as an excellent option for those wanting a goldfinch feeder that looks as good as it functions.


• Stylish design
• Can hold up to three pounds of seed
• Made from weather-resistant durable materials
• Upside-down feeding system for goldfinches
• Affordable price
• Doesn't need frequent refills


• Can't accommodate large numbers of birds feeding at the same time
• Doesn't have a squirrel-baffle top

7. Woodlink NATUBE5 Audubon 4 Port Thistle Seed Tube Feeder

Woodlink NATUBE5 Audubon 4 Port Thistle Seed Tube Feeder

Another fabulous product from the reputable Audubon name, this Woodlink tube feeder features four unique ports for perches and clingers. This feeder is designed to entice a variety of small birds, including finches. Filled with the National Audubon Society's finch mix, you will have an endless array of finch visitors.

The feeder is 13.5 inches long and is available in a brushed-copper colour that is as pleasing to the eye as it is enjoyable to watch perching birds feast. Made from copper and weather-resistant and durable high-density plastic, Audubon products are known and built to last. For under $20, this is a great feeder to invest in.


• Brushed-copper finish
• Unique perching system
• Made from weather-resistant durable materials
• Supports the National Audubon Society


• Needs frequent refills
• Only has four perching stations

8. Stokes Select 38171 Finch Screen Bird Feeder

Stokes Select 38171 Finch Screen Bird Feeder

Stokes Select is a trusted name within the birding community. This Stokes Select finch screen bird feeder attracts finches in large numbers and varieties. The screen feeding system is ideal for finches to cling to while they feed, and additional birds can perch on the feeding tray at the base.

The feeder features a striking yellow powder-coated look that's both durable and pleasing to the eye. In addition to goldfinches, this feeder attracts pine siskins, purple finches, and more small bird varieties.

The feeder can hold up to one pound of seed, so this is a feeder that will have to be refilled frequently. For under $20, bird enthusiasts who purchase the Stokes Select screen feeder will experience first-hand why the Stokes Select name is synonymous with quality, superior design, and great features like drainage holes, seed diverters, and twist-lock tops.


• Screen-feeding system
• Premium Stokes Select brand
• Can accommodate large numbers of birds feeding at one time


• Needs to be refilled frequently

9. Perky-Pet LH00355 Solar Lighthouse Finch Bird Feeder

Perky-Pet LH00355 Solar Lighthouse Finch Bird Feeder

This Solar Lighthouse finch bird feeder is one of a kind. With it's sleek lighthouse design, the decor of any surrounding property will be enhanced. The Perky-Pet no/no philosophy is evident again with their no wood, no plastic construction.

The lighthouse feeder holds 1.5 pounds of seed and features a patented design. The feeder is ideal for both perching and clinging birds and is capable of feeding 10-to-15 birds at one time. The feeder's LED light produces a soft glow at night.

For $35, Perky-Pet fans get a one-of-a-kind finch feeder that doubles as a great outdoor space light and conversation piece.


• Unique lighthouse design
• LED light glows at night
• Affordable price
• Ideal for perching and clinging birds
• Can hold 10-to-15 birds at one time
• No wood or plastic construction


• Needs frequent refilling

10. BirdQuest 36inch Patented Squirrel Proof Yellow Spiral Finch Tube Thistle Feeder

BirdQuest 36inch Patented Squirrel Proof Yellow Spiral Finch Tube Thistle Feeder

This patented Songbird Essentials BirdQuest spiral tube feeder comes in a bright yellow finish to attract the finches. It comes with nine seed ports perfectly sized for a dainty finch's bill.

The spiral attracts more birds and can accommodate large numbers of birds feeding at one time as they can perch along the spirals all the way up the feeder tube. This feeder comes ready to hang via a sturdy looped wire cable.

The spiral feature serves a double purpose as an ample percher for birds and a deterrent to squirrels.


• Unique spiral design
• Bright yellow attracts more birds
• Can accommodate large numbers of birds at one time
• Squirrel-proof design


• Higher price

Finch Feeder Selection Tips

As long as the food is to their liking, finches will normally eat off pretty much any bird feeder, be it feeding station or platforms, feeder tubes, socks, etc. However, if we are talking about dedicated finch feeders, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. We’ll talk right away about the different types of finch feeders. It is, however, a common knowledge with backyard birders that finches love the small nyjer/niger seeds and the tube feeders made especially to hold these nyjer seeds are most commonly used to feed the finches.

Now, when selecting a finch feeder (whether a tube feeder or any other type), you need to consider a couple of things: the population of finches that flock your backyard and secondly, what other birds, besides finches, visit the place. Now, first of all, if you decide on a tube feeder, they are available in different sizes. You can have mid-size tube that will hold about 1.5-2lbs of seeds, depending on the model. This is regarded more or less the standard size for finch tube feeders. However, if you don’t have too many finches visiting your backyard, go for a smaller .6lbs capacity model or, on the other end of the spectrum, you can go for a really huge 36-inch model to feed a whole flock of finches.

Now, why this is important is that finches love fresh seeds and if the seeds are not emptied away regularly enough, they will get moldy and the birds will reject them. This means that you’ll need to discard the leftover and fill the tube with fresh seeds all over. And since bird seeds come expensive, you don’t want them to go waste on a regular basis.

So, if you’re using a bird feeder with a plastic tube, you must at least make sure that the plastic is of good quality (such as durable polymer) and don’t sweat too much. Otherwise, your seeds will get moldy and clumpy and will not appeal to the little creatures at all! We also strongly recommend that you use some moisture-absorbing product (Feeder Fresh is a good choice). These products contain water-absorbing granules that you can put at the bottom of the tube before filling it up with seeds. The granules will help absorb the moisture and will keep the seeds fresh for longer.

Also, it is a good idea to settle for a tube or mesh feeder that comes with a plate base (as in the Perky Pet NO/NO feeder on our list—our favorite as a dedicated finch feeding tool). The plate or dish at the bottom helps hold the seeds that skittle out off the tube when the birds are nibbling at them. At the same time, the husks of the seeds will gather on the dish and this will make it easier for you to keep your feeding place tidy.

Finally, no matter what type of feeder you go for, always make sure that you’ll be able to clean it without too much of a fuss. Feeders that are not thoroughly clean will spoil the next batch of seeds so much the faster and you definitely do not want that to happen!

Types of Finch Feeders

Although finches are not too particular about what type of feeder they eat off, still the feeder types that are best to feed finches include tube feeders, metal or sock mesh feeding stations, and general feeding platforms. We recommend that you use one of the first two options if you are looking for a dedicated finch feeder.

A platform is a good option only when you have a wide variety of birds flocking your backyard. However, the downside of a large platform is that some larger birds (such as the house sparrows) can actually harm or kill the finches if they are eating off the same platform. Birds such as quails, budgies, etc. are peaceful enough and won’t pose any danger for smaller species such as finches or bluebirds. However, since house sparrows are virtually everywhere and are also notorious as an aggressive species, we suggest that you don’t take chances and instead, go for special finch feeders.

Nyjer tube feeders are especially made for feeding finches as well as some other smaller bird species (such as pine siskin, doves, chickadees, etc.) that like niger seeds (also called ‘thistles’). The tubes are normally made of plastic and are fitted with small holes and perches. Larger birds don’t like niger seeds and they would anyway not be able to insert their beaks into those tiny holes. For this reason, these tube feeders are a safer option for your finches.

The same goes for mesh feeders. They are even more convenient for the birds since they can nibble away at the seeds from about anywhere across the length of the mesh and they can do this at any angles they like, including upside down! Mesh feeders are also better in keeping the seeds fresh as moisture cannot gather inside the mesh. Our favorite among mesh feeders is the all metal Perky Pet No/No (referring to its No wood/NO plastic construction) product listed above. However, for emergency purposes, you may also consider the Kaytee Finch Sock Twin Pack. These sock bags come already filled with thistle, so you can hang it at a moment’s notice. Since they hang in the air, they are good at absorbing moisture, too. The only negative is that these simple white bags do not add to the aesthetic appeal of your backyard space and they may not feel too appealing to the birds either! Also, you’ll have to dispose of these bags after 2 or 3 refills.

Top Finch Feeder Brands

When it comes to bird feeder products, Perky Pet is a standout name as the brand delivers quality products across the whole spectrum of different bird feeders and accessories. And their NO/NO metal mesh finch feeder is one of the most widely used products when it comes to feeding finches. The other popular brands in this niche include the Droll Yankees and the Kaytee. The Kaytee Finch Feeder Station is a highly popular finch feeder and so are the feeder tubes and socks offered by the brand.

Average Pricing

Most good quality finch feeder tubes or meshes are available in the convenient price bracket of $15-$20. However, you’ll require to pay some more (typically $35 or thereabout) for the larger versions, such as the Droll Yankees 36-inch Hanging tube Bird Feeder, or for feeders that feature an all-metal construction, as in the Perky Pet No/No feeder. Or, if you want a squirrel proof product, you’ll need to pay considerably more (refer the last product on our list).

Feeding the Finches: Finch Feeder Questions and Answers (Q&A)

How do I attract finches to my feeder?

Most finch species such as purple finch, chaffinch, goldfinch, house finch and more are granivores and as such, they are naturally attracted to small seed-bearing plants. So, having a good quantity of the latter in your backyard will help attract the birds. Like many other birds, finches also like plants with flowers in bloom. So, having a variety of seasonal plants in your garden is a good idea, especially since most regions in US will find different species of finches all year long.

At the same time, bear in mind that finches like backyards and gardens with enough open fields and grassy spaces. So, besides seed-bearing and flowering plants such as flower heads, dandelions, etc., you should also consider planting weedy, grassy species in order to attract more finches to your backyard.

Also, like most birds, finches also have a highly developed sensitivity to extremely bright colors. Finches, in particular, are strongly drawn to bright yellows. This is why most finch feeders will contain a generous quantity of yellow across their different parts. You can make that even better by attaching some bright-colored ribbons to your feeder. As the ribbons flutter in the winds, they will give an impression of a swirl of colors and will more readily capture the attention of the birds.

What is the best food to feed finches?

Finches love the black oil niger seeds, or the thistles, as they are commonly called. They also love sunflower seeds. Now, if you’re feeding sunflower, keep it in mind that they will only eat the sunflower kernels. The beaks of these little birds are not strong enough to crack open the sunflower shells. However, a huge number of other birds, including many larger species, love sunflower seeds as well, so we suggest you better stick with the thistle. Also remember, that the seeds must be fresh enough. Finches are highly picky on this regard and they will almost invariably reject all moldy or dried-out seeds.

Where should I put my finch feeder?

It is best to put them in an open clearing, but not too far away from the shrubs and plants. The birds may feel vulnerable to different predators if you place your feeder in too open a space. However, make sure not to put them too close to the plants either. Just keep them at a distance where the squirrels won’t be able to jump to them.

How do I clean my finch feeder?

Use plain dishwashing liquid or a bleach-water mixture (10% bleach) to clean the feeder. However, make sure to clean and dry it thoroughly enough. When using a tube feeder, get a long brush to scrub the insides of the tube well.



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