The 2 Types of FROGS Found in Moldova! (w/Pics)

In this article, the reader will discover the two types of frogs found in Moldova, along with pictures and interesting facts about each species. The first type is the Marsh Frog, which is known for its large size and distinctive coloring. However, it can often be mistaken for its close relatives, making identification a bit tricky. The second type is the Eastern Tree Frog, which has long, thin legs and a bright green color. This frog has a unique talent for predicting rainfall, making it an intriguing species to learn about. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast or simply curious, this article provides valuable information for anyone interested in the frogs of Moldova.

The 2 Types of FROGS Found in Moldova! (w/Pics)

Do you want to learn about the different frogs in Moldova? If so, you’ve come to the right place! In the article below, we have listed the frogs you can expect to see. For each species, you’ll find out how to identify that frog correctly, along with pictures, interesting facts, and RANGE MAPS!

Here are the 2 types of frogs that live in Moldova:

Marsh Frog (Pelophylax ridibundus)

The Marsh Frog is a common species found in Moldova. Here are some identifying characteristics to help you easily recognize this frog:

Identifying Characteristics:

  • Adults grow up to 15 cm long.
  • They have a pointed snout, robust body, and long, powerful legs.
  • This species’ coloring is dark green to olive, fading to brown on the sides and legs.
  • They have black blotches across the body, which form bands on the hind legs.

Habitat and Distribution:

Marsh Frogs can be found in deep ponds, lakes, and larger rivers. Their habitat extends throughout Moldova, making them relatively easy to spot.

Confusion with Similar Species:

Although you shouldn’t have trouble spotting a Marsh Frog, you might have a harder time identifying one. This is because it’s often confused with its close relatives, the Graf’s Hybrid Frog and the Iberian Water Frog. The Marsh Frog is the largest of the three, but the best way to differentiate these species is by your location.

Distinctive Voice:

You can also listen for the Marsh Frog’s distinctive voice, a series of evenly spaced metallic squeaks. This unique sound can help you confirm the presence of a Marsh Frog in the area.

Eastern Tree Frog (Hyla orientalis)

The Eastern Tree Frog is another interesting frog species found in Moldova. Let’s take a look at its identifying characteristics and unique features:

Identifying Characteristics:

  • Adults are about 5 cm long.
  • This species has very long, thin legs.
  • Its toes are long with little webbing, and its horizontal pupils are set in golden brown eyes.
  • The most typical coloring is a bright grassy green, but some individuals are brownish or gray.

Talent as a Meteorologist:

The Eastern Tree Frog has an interesting talent; it’s a bit of a meteorologist! Believe it or not, these bright green frogs were once used to determine if it was going to rain. They often croak loudly when storms draw near because they can sense the change in air pressure.

Difficulty in Differentiating Species:

There are only a few species of tree frog in Europe. Unfortunately, it can be hard to tell them apart because they all look similar. The best way to tell them apart is by location. So if you spot a bright green frog in Moldova, chances are it’s the Eastern Tree Frog.

Distinctive Features:

You can identify the Eastern Tree Frog by its bright green coloring or listen for its metallic, high-pitched croaks. This little frog is so loud it can be heard from as far away as a kilometer or more!

Now that you know how to identify the frogs found in Moldova, here’s a field guide that can provide additional help in recognizing them:

Field Guide for Frog Identification in Moldova

If you need additional help identifying frogs in Moldova, this field guide can be a valuable resource. It offers detailed information, pictures, and other useful tips to assist you in accurately identifying frogs you may come across in Moldova.

For more information or to purchase the field guide, you can view the price here.

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Which of these frogs have you seen before in Moldova? We welcome you to leave a comment below and share your encounters with these fascinating amphibians. Happy frog spotting in Moldova!

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