Crested Geckos: Calm and Unusual Lizards from New Caledonia

Crested Geckos: Calm and Unusual Lizards from New Caledonia

Meet the Crested Gecko, a fascinating creature known for its calm demeanor and unique appearance. Found exclusively in the enchanting forests of New Caledonia, these lizards require special care to thrive in captivity. The key to providing a suitable habitat lies in creating a secure tank with a vertical emphasis, ensuring ample space for these geckos to climb and explore. From the recommended tank sizes to the ideal substrates for moisture retention, every detail matters in maintaining a comfortable environment. By monitoring temperature and humidity levels, providing hides for security, and incorporating stimulating tank decorations, such as branches and hammocks, owners can create a happy and healthy home for these captivating creatures. With proper care and consideration, Crested Geckos can thrive and enchant their human companions for years to come

Habitat Requirements

Tank Size

When it comes to housing Crested Geckos, it is vital to provide them with a secure tank that meets their specific needs. These calm and sweet lizards require a tank with height over length in mind. For baby geckos, it is recommended to provide them with an 8″x8″x12″ tank, while juveniles and adults need an 18″x18″x24″ tank. The extra height allows these arboreal creatures to climb and jump, as they would in their natural habitat.


Choosing the right substrate for your Crested Gecko’s tank is crucial for maintaining their overall health and well-being. It is important to select a substrate that can hold moisture, as Crested Geckos originate from humid climates. Some suitable options for substrate include cypress mulch, coconut fiber, or orchid bark. These substrates not only provide a natural and comfortable surface for the gecko to move on but also aid in maintaining proper humidity levels.

Temperature and Humidity

Monitoring the temperature and humidity levels in your Crested Gecko’s tank is essential for creating an environment that mimics their natural habitat. Using a thermometer and hygrometer, you can ensure that the tank’s temperature remains within the appropriate range, typically around 72°F to 78°F (22°C to 26°C). The humidity levels should be maintained at around 60% to 80%. Humidity can be maintained by lightly misting the tank or by using foggers or misters.

Hides and Decorations

Providing hides and decorations in your Crested Gecko’s tank is crucial for their mental well-being. These lizards love to have secure hiding places where they can feel safe and less stressed. You can create hideouts by placing small caves or cork bark in the tank. Additionally, adding tank decorations such as branches, vines, and hammocks will enhance their environment, allowing them to explore and jump, just as they would in the wild. These decorations also create vertical and horizontal climbing spaces, enticing your gecko to exercise and engage in natural behaviors.

Feeding and Watering

Food Dishes

When it comes to feeding your Crested Gecko, it’s important to provide them with appropriate food dishes. These dishes should be shallow and easily accessible for the gecko to reach their food. You can use small ceramic or plastic dishes that are easy to clean and maintain. It is recommended to place the food dishes in a central location within the tank, making it easy for the gecko to locate and access their food.

Water Dishes

Similar to food dishes, water dishes should also be provided in your Crested Gecko’s tank. The dishes should be shallow and filled with fresh, dechlorinated water. It is essential to keep the water clean and fresh, replacing it daily to prevent the growth of bacteria or mold. Providing a consistent source of clean water is vital for the overall health and hydration of your gecko.

Heating and Lighting


Unlike some reptiles, Crested Geckos do not require additional heating unless their environment is too cold. If your gecko’s tank is located in a room with a consistent temperature between 72°F to 78°F (22°C to 26°C), additional heating may not be necessary. However, if the temperature drops below this range, you can use an under-tank heater or a low-wattage heat bulb to provide supplemental heat. It is important to monitor the temperature constantly to ensure it remains within the appropriate range for your gecko’s well-being.


Crested Geckos do not require UVB lighting as they are primarily nocturnal creatures. However, providing a natural light cycle is still important to maintain their overall health. You can achieve this by placing the tank in an area with natural daylight, allowing the gecko to experience a regular day-night cycle. If natural light is not available, you can use low-intensity LED lights to provide a subtle amount of light during the daytime. Avoid using bright or intense lights, as these can disrupt their natural behavior patterns.

Proper Husbandry

Tank Accessories

Maintaining proper husbandry is vital to ensure the health, happiness, and longevity of your Crested Gecko. Along with the right tank size, substrate, temperature, humidity, and lighting, it’s important to consider tank accessories that cater to their needs. Regularly clean and sanitize the tank, removing any waste or uneaten food promptly. Regularly check and replace hides, decorations, and climbing structures, ensuring they remain secure and safe for your gecko to use.

Health and Well-being

Regular health checks are crucial to ensure your Crested Gecko is thriving. Observe their behavior, appetite, and appearance on a daily basis, looking for any signs of illness or stress. It is recommended to have an established relationship with a reptile veterinarian who can provide guidance and regular check-ups. Maintaining proper husbandry, including a balanced diet, appropriate temperature and humidity levels, and a clean and enriched environment, will contribute to their overall health and well-being.

In conclusion, Crested Geckos are calm, sweet, and unusual lizards that require specific habitat requirements to thrive. Creating an appropriate tank size, providing suitable substrate, monitoring temperature and humidity levels, and offering hides and decorations are all essential for their well-being. Proper feeding and watering, along with the limited use of heating and lighting, contribute to their overall health. Regular maintenance of tank accessories and attentive care will ensure that your Crested Gecko lives a long and happy life.

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