Hummingbird Wind Chimes

Hummingbird Wind Chime Reviews – the best hummingbird wind chimes for sale in 2023. Available in glass, metal, copper and unique solar powered designs.

If you think wind chimes are only meant for your front porch, think again! Wind chimes can be placed in your office cubical, throughout your garden, above your bed, and any place that you want to admire the loveliness that hummingbirds give the world. Here are our top picks for hummingbird wind chimes that make great gifts, as well as the great additions to your home.

#1: Spoontiques Hummingbirds Wind Chime

Hummingbird Wind Chime

The soft-spoken accents of the beads and top of this wind chime enhance the bold greens, blues and reds of the hummingbirds. The clicking sounds of the pieces tapping one another offers a subtle reminder of the beautiful tune the wings of a hummingbird makes.

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#2: Wind Chime Round Top Hummingbird Hanging Garden Decoration Windchime

Hummingbird Garden Windchime

With a large sculpture of a hummingbird feeding from flowers on the top of this piece, the miniatures below create the lovely notes of the chimes. You can enjoy this chime in your garden outside, or in your kitchen or bedroom inside. It makes the perfect gift for the hummingbird fan in your life.

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#3: IMAGE® Windlights Solar Powered LED Changing Light Color Hummingbird Wind Chimes for Gardening Lighting Decoration Home

Solor Powered Hummingbid Wind Chimes

This wind chime lends itself to an artistic value that many chimes don’t have. The little hummers light up automatically when the sun goes down. The solar panel gives this chime more energy and power. However, even if you don’t fully charge the batteries, this chime looks fantastic when it isn’t lit up. It makes a great addition to birthday and dinner parties, and is a fantastic conversation piece.

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#4: Woodstock Chimes Habitats – Hummingbird

Woodstock Chimes

With a base that catches wind perfectly to make the most of the chimes, this will make a superb addition to your home. Only the highest quality materials are used to make this enchanting chime. Don’t hesitate to buy this for the hummingbird admirer in your life.

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#5: Wind Chime Acrylic Hummingbird Hanging Garden Decorative Collection

Hanging Garden Hummingbird Wind Chimes

An impressive contribution to anyone’s wind chime collection, the complimentary colors will do the inside or outside of your house justice. You can use this chime as an accent piece, or make it the focal point. It makes a charming gift for anyone who holds hummingbirds dear to their heart.

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#6: Chrome plated sun catcher

Sun Catcher Wind Chimes

While this isn’t a wind chime, it still captures the spirit of the hummingbird and makes a great piece for your garden, front porch, or even hanging in your bedroom. This fantastic ornament catches the sun and produces the colors of the rainbow that spread across your lawn, just like a hummingbird spreads joy in your life. Offer this as a gift to the hummingbird enthusiast or magic fanatic in your life.

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#7: Red Carpet Studios Nature’s in Flight Hummingbird Spinner

Red Carpet Hummingbird Spinner

This hummingbird spinner is a blast to watch and we consider it in the same family as a wind chime. It hangs beautifully off of your porch, in your garden, or anywhere in your home. The color accents applaud the grace that nature already offers your surroundings.

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#8: Bejeweled Display® Unique Beautiful Hummingbird with Stained Glass Wind Chimes

Stained Glass Hummingbird Wind Chimes

This unique wind chime represents the little hummingbirds as much as it gives an artistic nod to the colors and ruby throat of them. The curves are exquisite and the stained glass chimes pop with energy. It’s a perfect gift for people who love hummingbirds, art, and wind chimes.

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#9: Red Carpet Studios Nature’s Jewels Wind Chimes, 23-Inch, Hummingbird

Red Carpet Wind Chimes

If you want to capture the magic of the red throat hummingbird, this wind chime will do that and more. Its vibrant colors will delight the eyes, and it makes a perfect gift for that person in your life that loves décor that is bold and fun.

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#10: Nature’s Garden Blue Hummingbird Verdigris Garden Bell Chime

Hummingbird Garden Bell Chime

This charming bell chime with a rustic look focuses on the natural colors of a garden and landscape. It’s durable nature makes it perfect to handle all of the outdoor elements, but it looks just as beautiful indoors hanging in your kitchen, as it does on your front porch.

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#11: Bejeweled Display® Hummingbird & Flower with Stained Glass Wind Chime Bell

Wind Chime Bell

The vibrant colors of this chime lends to the country charm it adds to any room in your home, porch or garden. It is a fascinating piece of artwork, as well a solid representation of the hummingbird spirit. Give this as a gift or give it yourself, either way, it deserves to be displayed by someone who appreciates hummingbirds and their magical essence.

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