Hummingbird Toys

Are you or someone you know enamored with hummingbirds? This small bird has won the hearts of many people and you can find its image on many everyday items as decoration. Seeing a hummingbird, real or in pictures, brings joy and happiness to people. Hummingbird toys evoke these same feelings. Would you like to give a child a unique gift? Hummingbird toys are sure to be something different than what they already have and it introduces them to one of the best gifts in nature. Of course the best thing about toys are, they aren’t just for kids. Here are a few hummingbird toys sure to please the young and adult crowd.

#1: Audubon Hummingbird – Audubon Plush Bird (Authentic Bird Sound)

Hummingbird Toy

If you want to spark an interest of nature with your children, this hummingbird will help because it makes realistic hummingbird sounds. At eleven inches by seven inches, this toy is substantial and fun for all ages. The real pleasure in buying this toy is that the money helps a non-profit organization that protects our wildlife.

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#2: Hummingbird Plush Toy 5″ L by Hansa

Plush Toy by Hansa

This five inch plush hummingbird plush toy will be enjoyed by anyone who appreciates realistic details in toys. The colors and proportions are very similar to what would be seen on a real hummingbird. This toy is beautiful enough for display, but when you have children visit, it will be something they will love to play with and look at and you don’t have to worry about them breaking it.

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#3: Folkmanis Mini Hummingbird Finger Puppet

Hummingbird Finger Puppet

This velvet soft finger puppet is almost the real size of a live hummingbird. Its award winning design is made of high quality material and is perfect for small children and adults alike. This puppet is perfect for the stage, interactive play, and imaginative games. Any child would love to have a realistic real sized bird to hold and snuggle. This toy is a favorite of all who own it.

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#4: Kawada Nanoblock Hummingbird Hachidori 3D Puzzle Building Kit

Hummingbird Puzzle Kit

If plush toys aren’t your thing, this cool puzzle building kit from the miniature collection will be a hit. This puzzle is a challenge with its very tiny pieces, but any fan will tell you that’s half the fun of it. Building enthusiasts love finding Japan’s nanoblocks. After you have enjoyed putting it together, you have a conversation starting hummingbird sculpture for display.

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#5: Nectar the Hummingbird – Ty Beanie Babies

Hummingbird Beanie Baby

Everyone is familiar with beanie babies, but have you been introduced to Nectar? This fun plush hummingbird is retired but can still be found if you are lucky. This is an official Ty Beanie Baby and is a must to own whether you collect hummingbirds or beanie babies.

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#6: Wood Puzzle Box – Hummingbird

Puzzle Box

This natural wooden puzzle is beautiful. Although it is not a traditional challenging puzzle to put together, it is satisfying to make the box and makes an attractive display when put together. Made from different woods and stains, this makes an exceptional gift for all ages.

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