Hummingbird Rings

Hummingbirds are beautiful creatures that have never ceased to fascinate mankind. Delicate and stirring, the hummingbird has come to symbolize beauty paired with resilience, energy, persistence, and positivity. The sheer joy and lightness of hummingbirds have inspired generations of artists to use their form and shape in paintings, sculptures, and of course, jewelry. It is probably time you included the beauty of hummingbird rings in your collection. Here are some of our recommendations:

1. Beautiful Hummingbird Ring Flower Design

Beautiful Hummingbird Ring

This ring lives up to its name. It is an attention-getter and unabashedly so. This beauty features a delicate crystal-encrusted hummingbird hovering over a flower. The flower is adorned by shiny crystal studs as well for maximum bling. It fits true to size and shows a lovely symmetry, capturing the perfect moment when the tip of the hummingbird’s beak touches a flower.

What to Like: The petals on all three variants are made of pink crystals, while the color on the center of the flower varies. The three variants are: yellow, light green, and green. The ring frame is made from premium, skin-friendly metal alloy.

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2. Adjustable Sterling Silver Hummingbird Ring

Sterling Silver Hummingbird Ring

This ring is the perfect choice for those who prefer a cleaner, simpler design. The ring frame encloses your finger with a hummingbird on one end and a leafy branch on another. The leaves are encrusted with shiny green crystals. The contrast of these emerald gems against the smooth silver frame is quite stunning, to say the least.

What to Like: The simple, no-frills beauty and the high quality .925 sterling silver material makes for an excellent gift or as part of your personal collection. Plus, the ring is adjustable and can fit any size.

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3. Yupha Fashion Flowers Hummingbird Ring

Yupha Fashion Flowers Hummingbird Ring

This is a lovely piece that can make any little black dress even more extraordinary. This is a ring to wear if you want to make a statement and is a great splash of color on days (or nights) when you just want a small patch of rainbow in your hand.

What to Like: The metal alloy frame is gold plated to show off the deep colors of the crystals. The hummingbird’s wings are lovingly tinted with a blush of pink and its eyes are made of sky blue crystals. The hummingbird’s body and tail are a lovely leaf green. The six-petaled flower is crystal-encrusted for a more extravagant look.

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4. Jeweled Hummingbird Ring – Ginger Lyne Collection

Jeweled Hummingbird Ring

This is a ring that keeps to a simpler design but it more than makes up for it with its statement-making style. This ring features a crystal hummingbird kissing the heart of a flower. This will make an exquisite addition to your collection and can be the perfect accessory for a day or night event.

What to Like: Deep azure crystals adorn the hummingbird, while pink and white gems embellish the flower. The heart of the flower features an emerald green crystal, and the top of the ring frame is dotted with smaller green stones. It is platinum plated for a more luxurious look.

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5. High Polish Hummingbird Ring

High Polish Hummingbird Ring

If this ring comes with a tag line, it would probably be “pure simplicity”. This ring features a smooth, polished band that features a stylized profile of a hummingbird. This is a ring for those who prefer understated elegance. This lovely piece was crafted with an eye for basic design and destined to be a classic.

What to Like: This ring is made with 92.5% silver blended with alloys to ensure the durability and strength of the piece. The band is smooth and highly polished for a fine sheen that is sure to make this ring a favorite.

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Hummingbird Rings Selection Tips

A key consideration when buying hummingbird rings is choosing the metal color that fits your skin tone, hair, and eye color. A gold band is a good choice for warm skin and hair colors while silver is the better choice for cool tones.

When it comes to the craftsmanship, always check the setting, design, and make of the ring. The band must form a perfect circle and should be smooth or unblemished. Cracks, chips, scratches, tarnishing, spots, uneven lines, and missing gems are signs of low quality jewelry and must be avoided at all cost.

Lastly, choose rings that speak to your style and preferences. The more you love the jewelry you wear, the more it will look good on you.

Key Things to Remember When Buying Rings

Rings come in different finishes, the most popular of which are gold and silver. Crystal studs are often used in these pieces, although you will also find other materials such as enamel, glass, precious and semi-precious stones, pearls, and coral. Some of the most popular names in bird rings include Ginger Lyne, Zoetik, Bamoer, and Betsey Johnson, among others.

As for prices, beautiful hummingbird rings can be had for under $15, while moderately-priced beauties can range in price tags from $25 to $60. Ring sizes vary but most jewelry makers use a standard measurement, and often offer a ring design in several sizes to suit their clients.