Hummingbird Candles

There is something incredibly soothing about a candle burning in your home. Whether scented or not, a candle creates a cozy ambiance and lends a decorative touch to your house. Candles that feature hummingbirds are even better. It truly is the small things in life that bring joy. Here are a few hummingbird candles sure to warm your heart and home or that of someone lucky enough to get one as a gift.

#1: Candle Holder with Birds on Branches and Spinning Humming Birds Scandinavian Style

Candle Holder with Spinning Hummingbirds

This delicate, beautiful holder encompassed a tea light in a frosted glass with silver plated birds on branches surrounding the candle. It also features spinning hummingbirds on top. The heat from the candle makes the hummingbirds spin and dance. It is truly entrancing to watch this candle and it makes a gorgeous display with or without the candle burning.

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#2: Michel Design Works Small Soy Wax Candle, Hummingbird

Small Wax Hummingbird Candle

Soy wax has become quite popular because it is clean burning, biodegradable, and also a renewable resource. This soy candle is simply entitled “Hummingbird,” and is scented wild orchid. The fragrance is wonderful and the candle has a 45 hour burn time. It comes in a charming keepsake box with pictures of the beloved bird on it, but the candle itself is hand poured in an understated printed glass jar. The quiet elegance of this candle makes it a perfect gift for anyone’s taste.

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#3: Flameless Hummingbird Candles – Set Of 3

Flameless Hummingbird Candles

Do you love the look and ambiance of candles, but aren’t crazy about real flames? These flameless hummingbird candles are the perfect answer. The set of three candles in varying heights, four to seven inches tall, require batteries and feature an easy on/off switch for convenience. Hummingbirds perched and in flights, intertwine with flowers and vines around each candle making a beautiful picture. These candles will never melt away so you can enjoy them for years to come.

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#4: Hummingbird Crackled Glass Hurricane Candle Holder

Crackled Glass Candle Holder

This beautiful candleholder features bright colors and a hummingbird design. The crackled glass gives the glow of the candle a shimmery appearance. Although lovely with a candle burning inside, this hurricane holder is just as attractive sitting out as décor.

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#5: Bejeweled Display® Beautiful Hummingbird w/ Stain Glass Candle Holder & Home Décor

Bejeweled Candle Holder

Hand painted in beautiful detail, this stained glass hummingbird candleholder is a work of art. Made with metal and stain glass, this eleven inch tall hummingbird will add color and beauty indoors or out. Anyone who loves hummingbirds will adore this candleholder.

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#6: Northern Lights Candles Home and Garden Tall Bucket Fragrance Free Candles, Hummingbird

Northern Lights Candles

Although these tall candle buckets look great as an accent piece alone, they look amazing when they line a walkway, or are put on a deck in multiples to really light up an outdoor space. This is a very versatile piece. This candle is fragrant free and will burn for up to 60 hours. After the candle is used, put another pillar inside the bucket and use it over and over again. When it is lit from within, the bucket glows beautifully. The hummingbird image is understated and would look great with any décor.

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