Hummingbird Brooches

The visit of a hummingbird has long had symbolic significance across cultures. Aztec cultures saw hummingbirds as messengers that connected them to their ancestors and gods. Native-American cultures see hummingbirds as symbols of healing and harbingers of love, joy, and good fortune. With such a rich symbolic history, hummingbirds make a popular choice to be captured in artwork and jewellery. Hummingbird brooches can be as exquisite as the birds themselves as their shimmer and shine is reminiscent of their vibrant colors.

1. Aristocratic Baby Blue Rhinestone Hummingbird Brooch

Aristocratic Baby Blue Rhinestone Hummingbird Brooch

This stunning hummingbird brooch has a simple design that will stand out against any clothing color or style. It is lightweight at 11.1gs and made of rhinestone. The beautiful silver and blue color contrast is captivating and elegant in its simplicity.

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2. Rose Gold Hummingbird Brooch with White Rhinestones

Rose Gold Hummingbird Brooch with White Rhinestones

The rose gold brooch features a gold and white rhinestone contrast that is sophisticated and elegant. This brooch will really pop against dark colors and will be perfect for adding that special sparkle on a date or special night out. The brooch is 2cm x 4cm and is made from zinc alloy and crystal.

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3. Hummingbird Pin with Multicolor Rhinestones

Hummingbird Pin with Multicolor Rhinestones

The brooch with multicolor rhinestones is a statement piece that will give any outfit a boost with its sparkling array of dazzling colors. This brooch catches the light and reflects it beautifully. This brooch is elegant in its simplicity and will bedazzle its wearers. This brooch is ideal for semi- or formal-wear. It is 4.3 cms x 3.7 cms and is made of rhinestone and zinc alloy.

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4. Multicolor Rhinestone Hummingbird Brooch

Multicolor Rhinestone Hummingbird Brooch

This multicolor rhinestone brooch features dazzling shades of purple, green and white. This elegant rhinestone brooch would be the perfect addition to a jacket or scarf. The colors play off each other in a dizzying array of color and light reflection. It is made of zinc alloy and rhinestones.

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5. Contemporary Hummingbird Pin

Contemporary Hummingbird Pin

This more modern-looking pin features a smooth look, rather than the textured look of the rhinestone hummingbird pins. Its cool shades of black, orange, and gold further cultivate the modern vibe. It is made from premium-quality paint and metal known for its longevity and resistance to fading. It is 3.8 cm x 3.6 cm and is made from zinc alloy and rhinestones. This makes a memorable gift for many an occasion.

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6. Gold-Plated Multicolor Hummingbird Pin

Gold-Plated Multicolor Hummingbird Pin

This elegant gold-plated multicolor brooch will complement any ensemble. Colors available in red, green and white or blue, green and white. The details on this brooch are impressive from the feathered look of the wings to the black rhinestone eye. Made from zinc alloy and rhinestones and is 4.2 cm x 3.7cm.

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7. Crystal Hummingbird Pin

Crystal Hummingbird Pin

Available in blue, red or green, this crystal hummingbird pin is a bright eye-catching piece to add to any jewellery collection. Excellent as a gift for numerous occasions, it is made from the highest quality zinc alloy and rhinestones. It is 4.1cm x 4.2cm.

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Types of Hummingbird Pins

Hummingbird pins come in a dizzying array of color choices as plentiful as the colors on the wings of the birds themselves. Material types range from gold and silver to zinz alloy and rhinestones. Most brooches are 4cms x 4 cms but can vary in size and style. Some are more modern with a smoother enamel finish, compared to the rhinestone brooches. The majority of bird brooches feature the birds body with wings outstretched behind.

Online Brooch Brands

From Swarovski Crystal to Cindy Xiang, there are numerous hummingbird brooch jewellery brands to choose from online: Wuli&Baby, CINKILE, OneckOha, MloveAcc, Ingesight, MissCyCy, UALGL Fashion, FishSheep, Linnor, Sangdo, Youngtulip, Pulatu, and many more.

Hummingbird Brooch Prices

Hummingbird Brooch prices vary depending on their material. Ones made from gold and silver will be pricier than their enamel and zinc alloy counterparts. Small hummingbird brooches featuring Austrian rhinestone crystals cost around $6, while the majority of the zinc alloy and rhinestone collections cost approximately $10.

Hummingbirds enjoy a rich and cross-cultural symbolic significance. From connections to ancestors to bringers of luck and joy, these colorful tiny birds feature all colors of the rainbow. The materials chosen for the brooches range from gold, silver, crystal, rhinestone, enamel, and zinc alloy. While brooches enjoyed the most popularity during the Victorian era, like all good things, they have come back into fashion and make ideal gifts for birthdays, Valentines, Christmas, and anniversaries. The stunning light and colors of the hummingbird brooches can illuminate any outfit and occasion.