Hummingbird Bird Baths

To bring hummingbirds to your yard, you might have considered the addition of a birdbath. Hummingbird bird bath options are wide and varied, and delicate, tiny hummingbirds need an appropriate size of bath to ensure they are given water adequately. Unlike larger birds, hummingbirds don’t often go to water sources for drinking, and instead feed on sugar water and nectar. However, they do need water to reduce residue from their feathers and ensure they are able to fly well and quickly. Many types of hummingbirds will naturally seek out a source of water — especially if it is running or moving — to clean themselves.

Those who wish to provide a bird bath for these beautiful and interesting creatures may consider a bath that is styled in platform or hanging design. You’ll be able to give the birds an ear to easily access water while still remaining safe and comfortable as they clean and preen themselves.

Additionally, many hummingbird bird baths offer options for artistic or bronzed finishes, adding a certain flare and beauty to the area. Birds will be attracted to these areas while also offering them a safe and adequate source of water to get clean with.

Top 5 Hummingbird Bird Baths

1. Peaktop Hummingbird Plate Bath

Peaktop Hummingbird Plate Bath

Running on solar energy, this beautiful fusion bird bath, designed especially for hummingbirds, provides a lovely area for tiny birds to drink and bathe. Provides a standing area for birds to land in and use for their needs.

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2. Continental Art Painted Glass Hummingbird Bath

Continental Art Painted Glass Hummingbird Bath

A beautiful design intended for outdoor or indoor bird areas, this unit provides a three inch deep and eighteen inch diameter unit. Lets hummingbirds land and drink wherever they wish. Attractive, durable, and highly-rated.

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3. Evergreen Hummingbird Bowl Bath

Evergreen Hummingbird Bowl Bath

Providing a beautiful chirping spring design for hummingbirds everywhere, this unit is made from durable embossed glass that can be cleaned with warm water. You can also bring the unit indoors if you wish. Rated highly by users.

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4. Burley Clay Bath

Burley Clay Hummingbird Bird Bath

A beautiful hummingbird bath that is painted using handcrafted materials, this unit includes a locking set that is easily-assembled. Designed with a blend of unique components, this bath is both functional, durable, and able to hold up under difficult weather conditions.

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5. Evergreen Hummingbird Wonders Hanging Bird Bath

Evergreen Hummingbird Wonders Hanging Bird Bath

Crafted from colorful glass, this design makes it easy to bring in a number of hummingbirds of varied types to your garden area. Holds put o one and a half cups of water or seeds and hangs from a twenty-inch long chain. Affordable, durable, and attractive.

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Hummingbird Bird Bath Selection Tips

Choosing an appropriate hummingbird bird bath requires first choosing a shallow source of water that keeps the depth nice and low. Birds need an area of water that will allow them to take advantage of the right kind of conditions. Fresh and clean moisture can be provided through sprinklers, misters, and other special sprinkler types that give the birds a way to peacefully bathe while still letting them get directly wet from the mist itself.

Additionally, some misters actually bring birds to the yard simply by the sound of the water. Glistening leaves are useful in bringing birds, as some birds will actually rub their wings against the leaves in order to clean them. This provides hummingbirds with an effective means of removing residue and dirt from their bodies.

Drippers can be positioned as part of a unit where it will add moisture to leaves, rocks, and other areas of the bath. Birds enjoy rubbing on leaves and rocks to clean themselves, and may even continue to stay beneath the dripper to achieve actual contact with the water.

Types of Hummingbird Bird Baths

There are a number of different bird baths, including droppers, sprinklers, misters, and regular open-style baths. You can find a good bird bath based on a number of factors, including size, cost, and the type of birds you wish to bring to your yard. A regular bird bath typically won’t work because it does not give them an appropriate source of water. Small birds need an area that is the right size for them, which means finding a bath made specifically for hummingbirds.

Bird Bath Sizes

Sizes for hummingbird baths range from 5 to ten inches for smaller units, with larger baths being about a foot in diameter at most. However, as a typical rule, bird baths will be no more than about 8 inches in diameter. They sometimes hang down from a chain or can be mounted on a stand or platform as well.

Hummingbird Bird Bath Prices

Prices for baths range from $20 to $30 for smaller baths to more than $80 for more expensive, decorative designs. You’ll generally be paying more for a design that has more artistic qualities, polish, and materials as part of its construction. If your budget allows it, a bath like this might be appropriate for hummingbirds in your area.

The more costly the bird bath, typically, the better you’ll be able to attract birds while also keeping a lovely addition to your garden in place. However, if you are a birder on a budget, you can find an affordable and attractive hummingbird bird bath for far less than many other larger baths would cost, as they are often intended for wild birds.

Bird Bath Brands

Brands for hummingbird bird baths include Peaktop, Continental, and Evergreen as some of the major providers. Other brands include Burley Clay, as well as Kaytee and certain other well-known bird bath providers. Peaktop has an excellent reputation and is seen as one of the best brands in the business.

When choosing a brand of bird bath, be sure to select a unit that provides you a nozzle that’s easy to clean. This is important since water flow should be fresh, steady, and easy to position. You will need to add perches nearby for birds to easily dry and preen themselves, giving them an area to get clean without any added hassle or difficulty. You should also be sure to keep a close eye on brands that let you give birds a basin or a puddle, making sure it doesn’t get too deep.