Window Hummingbird Feeders

Window hummingbird feeders are an ideal way to see your hummer community in action. When you are an avid bird watcher, there really is nothing better than getting up close and personal. Plus, kids and adults both love seeing these tiny birds in action. Here are some of the best window hummingbird feeders on the market for you to enjoy.

#1: Aspects 407 Jewel Box Window Hummingbird Feeder

Aspects Jewel Box Window Hummingbird Feeder

Holding 8oz of nectar, this hummingbird feeder will make the perfect addition to your feeder family. The red top with 3 feeding ports will call to the hummingbirds to come give you a visit. Plus, it’s simple to clean and you can easily see when you are due for a refill.

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#2: Perky-Pet 8oz Window Mount Feeder

Perky Pet Window Feeder

You cannot go wrong with a one-year warranty from Perky-Pet for this fantastic feeder. It has 2 feeding portals and the perches detach, so you can offer your hummingbirds the option of keeping their bodies warm while eating, or giving them a break during chow time. Either way, the reliable suctions that hold up this feeder will supply you and your family with superb bird watching pleasure.

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#3: Garden Song Window Mounted 14-ounce Glass Feeder

Garden Song Window Feeder

The red base will bring the hummingbirds in your area right to your window. When you’re ready to provide your hummingbird community with the sweet nectar they crave, you can’t beat this two portal feeder. The clear tempered glass makes it easy to see nectar levels and the perches give your small birds a place to rest their wings for a moment.

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#4: Songbird Essentials Hummingbird Feeder Window Acrylic 12oz Red

Songbird Hummingbird Feeder

This adorable window hummingbird feeder has 3 feeding portals to attend to all of your hummer’s needs. It’s easy to clean and refill because of the large mouth and the base that snaps apart. And the acrylic hanger is durable with two suctions for stability.

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#5: Perky-Pet Plastic Hummingbird Feeder

Perky Pet Feeder

With 3 feeding portals, this solid red window hummingbird feeder is a great way to attract, and treat, your tiny bird community. They’ll love that the 6 ounces of nectar is continually refreshed, so they can get on with their busy job of pollinating.

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#6: Droll Yankees WH3 Mount Feeder with Nectar Guard

Droll Yankees Feeder

This attractive red feeder might look simple, but it actually has a lot of features that you will be thrilled with. The nectar guard tips protect the sweet liquid from being contaminated by bugs and bees. Plus it’s easy to clean and refill. The entire unit has two feeding ports and is U.V. stable making it a smart and safe choice for you.

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Best Window Hummingbird Feeder Comparison Chart

 Aspects 407 Window Hummingbird FeederPerky Pet Window Mount FeederSongbird Essentials Red Bird FeederDroll Yankees Window Mount Feeder
Holds8 OZ8 OZ12 OZ6 OZ
BrandAspectsPerky PetSongbird EssentialsDroll Yankees
ListedMost PopularLowest PriceLargest DesignHighest Rated

Benefits of using window hummingbird feeders

Owning a window feeder has more benefits than you could imagine. It can provide magical moments for your entire household at many times throughout the day. Observing these magical little birds can give you some great moments of pleasure and help relieve the stress of every day living.

You are also helping out a species of birds that many hold dear to their heart. You are able to easily see if there are ants, or other intruders, that can get into the nectar. Window feeders are often the most tended to by people because they aren’t easily forgotten. Also, they are convenient to reach for those that aren’t able to frequently retrieve hanging feeders from gutters and tree branches.

Tips for selecting a window feeder

When selecting a window hummingbird feeder, there are a few things to keep in mind. It can be easier for ants to reach these feeders because climbing up a wall is more accessible than climbing down a metal tree hook. If you tend to have ants around your home, find a feeder that has an ant moat.

Also, be sure that your feeder has a lot of red covering it because the hummers are going to need to be drawn in. They might be a little more reluctant to get close to the house without a reason, so be sure your feeder is visible.

Pay attention to how easy your hummingbird window feeder is to clean and refill, and notice the quality of the suctions that come with it.

How to care for your feeder

When applying your window hummingbird feeder, you’ll need to start with clean windows. The best time to put these up is when the weather is warm, but if you get a window feeder in the winter you can easily warm your window with a hair dryer.

Before you apply the suction be sure to wipe a small amount of mineral oil on them. You can also use the oil from your face if you don’t have mineral oil. Be sure you don’t use water or saliva because it will eventually evaporate and lose the ability to stick. Every time you refill the feeder, press out any air that has collected in between the suction and the glass.

Top window hummingbird feeder brands

Your window hummingbird feeder is only going to be as good as the brands that make them. You’ll want to choose quality over price in this category. Here are a few of the top brands that provide some of the best feeders in the market.

Pesky-Pet offers you a wide range of quality feeders that will keep your hummers happy and healthy. Their window feeders are some of the highest ranked on the market because they have tested and found the best designs that hummingbirds and bird watchers both love.

Aspects not only designs high quality hummingbird feeders, but many of them are elegant to look at. They off everything you need to begin your small bird community and then keep it thriving. Plus, they make their feeders easy to clean and refill which is always a plus.

Songbird Essential makes feeding your hummingbirds off of your window a blast. They have unique designs that are pleasing to look at when the hummingbirds are away, but the bright reds colors brings them back over and over again.


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