Small Hummingbird Feeders

When you are just beginning on your journey of feeding hummingbirds, or you have a few regular visitors that you want to keep happy, you need a small hummingbird feeder. For some it can be much easier to responsibly keep up with a smaller feeder. Others prefer to have multiple feeders for their hummers to keep their different groups of visitors happy and able to have their own space. Whatever your reason for wanting a small hummingbird feeder, here are some of the best options.

#1: Aspects HummZinger Feeders

Small HummZinger Feeder

This simple basin style hummingbird feeder holds 8 ounces of nectar and has lifted feeding portals so rain won’t water down the nectar. You won’t have to worry about it leaking because this crafty design prevents drips, as well as ants. It’s simple to clean and a blast to watch when the hummers come for a visit.

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#2: Cherry Valley Feeder Garden Gem Hummingbird Feeder 3 Piece Multi-pack

Cherry Valley Small Hummingbird Feeder

These adorable 6oz feeders will make a great addition to any lawn or garden. You can spread the different colors across your lawn or you can give these as gifts to your friends and family. They arrive on your doorstep with the hanger already in place, so all you’ll have to do is make some delicious sugar nectar and watch the tiny birds come for a visit.

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#3: Avant Garden W06HB Fairy Dust Hummingbird Feeder

Fairy Dust Feeder

This cool little feeder with the fairy design is attractive before the hummingbirds come to check it out, and absolutely magical when they start eating. The 3 portals for feeding hold 4.8oz of nectar and their brilliant red color will draw in the most curious birds in your region.

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#4: Parasol LP1G1 3 by 6-Inch Lunch Pail 1 Hummingbird Feeder

Small Parasol Hummingbird Feeder

This cute feeder holds 3 ounces of nectar and is simple to clean and care for. The reservoir is made of recycled glass and the vivid red feeding flower will be pleasing for hummers passing by. The hook and instructions come with it, so you’ll be able to enjoy this tiny hummingbird feeder as soon as it arrives.

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#5: MiniBlossom Hummingbird Feeder Hanging Aqua

Small Aqua Feeder

When you care for a hummingbird community, then you are probably very in tune to being eco-friendly for your little friends. This feeder is made of recycled glass and the metal hanger that is included will never rust. The duration and environmentally pleasing aspects make this a great choice. The feeding portal is at the top of the reservoir, so the feeder will not have leaks and drips that can attract ants.

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#6: Best Copper Hummingbirds Feeder

Best Copper Feeder

This small, solid copper feeder is ideal for your little hummers. It’s designed to keep bees and wasps out of the nectar. The copper will ensure that the feeder withstands the test of time, as well as protecting the nectar from sun damage and premature spoilage. The vibrant red lid will call to the tiny birds and they can easily rest on the perch provided while they dine.

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Top Small Hummingbird Feeder Comparison Chart

 Aspects HummZinger FeedersParasol Lunch Pail Small FeederMiniBlossom Hummingbird Feeder CopperHummingbird Bee Proof Feeder
Price$17.99 $33.10 $25.0 $19.95
Holds8 OZ3 OZ4 OZ2 OZ
BrandAspectsParasolParasolWe Love Hummingbirds
ListedMost Popular FeederUnique DesignMost BeautifulMade is USA