Plastic Hummingbird Feeders

There are a lot of benefits to using plastic hummingbird feeders. Often, they’ll be less expensive than glass, copper, and other styles. They are lightweight and the top feeders will also be very durable. Plus, if you care for multiple hummers at once, you’ll love the convenient cleaning style of the plastic feeders. Here we review the top five plastic hummingbird feeders that offer fantastic features and will leave you satisfied with your newfound visitors.

#1: First Nature 3090 32-ounce Hummingbird Flower Feeder

Plastic Hummingbird Feeder

This large hummingbird feeder makes it easy to feed multiple hummers at one time. The red base with a surrounding perch gives the hummingbirds a nice place to rest while they eat. Designed with a sealing ring, so you don’t have any leaks, is only one of the characteristics this feeder has to offer. The leak resistant style is great way to keep the bees and wasps away, and the ant moat is built-in for your convenience.

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#2: Perky-Pet Pinch Waist Plastic Hummingbird Feeder with Free Nectar

Perky Pet Pinch Waist Plastic Feeder

When you order one of these plastic Perky-Pet hummingbird feeders, you’ll be ready to feed your little birds quickly. You get a free nectar packet with the purchase and you can easily fill the reservoir with it because of the wide mouth. The bee guard and ant moat are great touches. Plus, hummingbirds love the large, red feeding flowers because the size of the petals offers them some privacy from others while enjoying their food.

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#3: First Nature 3055 32-ounce Hummingbird Feeder

First Nature Plastic Feeder for Hummingbirds

We love when hummingbird feeders are easy to clean and fill. We also love when feeders are affordable and rated well. This plastic hummingbird feeder offers you all of those qualities and then some. The feeder is design to be is pleasing to look at and the circular perch gives the hummers a nice break while they visit your lawn or garden.

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#4: Stokes Select Ruby Prism Hummingbird Feeder

Stokes Select Feeder

The ruby color of the plastic reservoir makes this hummingbird feeder a joy to view in any garden or yard. The hummingbird will spot this feeder from distances of all lengths, and soon they will flock to the four flower feeding portals. The base is strong and made with stainless steel to help protect the 24 ounces of nectar from bees. When you purchase this plastic hummingbird feeder, you’ll instantly understand why it is so highly recommended.

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#5: Aspects HummZinger HighView 12oz Hanging Hummingbird Feeder

HummZinger Plastic Feeder

You can’t go wrong with this simple design. It comes with 4 ports for feeding and provides you with the best view of your little hummers at all angles. This is because the perch is higher than most, so not only will your tiny birds enjoy to rest their wings, you’ll be thrilled with the pictures and moments you’ll capture with them. The cover of the basin is a vibrant red and can be seen by hummingbirds passing by, so you’ll be sure they stop in for a sip of the 12 ounces of nectar.

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Best Plastic Hummingbird Feeder Comparison Chart

 First Nature 3090 32 OZ Hummingbird FeederStokes Select Ruby Prism FeederFirst Nature 3055 32 OZ Feeder
Price$13.14 $28.95 $9.8
Holds32 OZ24 OZ32 OZ
BrandFirst NatureStokes SelectFirst Nature
ListedLargest CapacityMost Beautiful DesignMost Popular