Perky-Pet Hummingbird Feeders

If you have always been involved in caring for your hummingbird community, then you are probably already familiar with the Perky-Pet brand. If you are just starting out learning about your little hummers, then you should become familiar with the quality products Perky-Pet offers. Here are their top hummingbird feeders and what makes them unique from other brands.

#1: Perky Pet 209B Glass Hummingbird Feeder

Glass Perky Pet Feeder

This model has stood the test of time and even though it is not new to the world of hummingbird feeders, it is still one of the highest rated models. The glass canister holds 30oz of nectar and you get a free nectar packet with your purchase. It’s simple to clean which is always a plus! You get an ant moat and a bee guard to keep invaders from getting into the nectar. This feeder has everything you need to keep your hummingbird community happy.

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#2: Perky-Pet 8119-2 Red Antique Bottle Hummingbird Feeder

Antique Perky Pet Bottle Feeder

The brushed silver base holds 4 elegant feeding flowers that are pleasing to look at, and hummers love to eat out of them. The red antique design of the bottle that holds the nectar will call to hummingbirds far and near. With an easy to clean base and 24oz of nectar, your hummers will be pleased with this choice.

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#3: Perky-Pet 710B Elegant Copper Glass Hummingbird Feeder with Free Nectar

Copper Glass Feeder

The gorgeous finish on this hummingbird feeder design is brushed copper and that is only one of the qualities that make it a fantastic choice. The base separates easily so cleaning is simple and the bee guard is built right in, so that’s one less thing you have to worry about. You get a free packet of nectar, so as soon as this arrives on your doorstep, you’re ready to fill the 12oz nectar container.

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#4: Perky-Pet 8108-2 Green Antique Bottle 10-Ounce Glass Hummingbird Feeder

Antique Hummingbird Feeder

When you already have a thriving community of hummingbirds, this feeder is the ideal choice. The sea green bottle is well hidden from bees that swarm, but the subtle red in the center of the flowers will alert your hummers that there is food. An attached metal hanger finishes off the design nicely.

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#5: Perky-Pet Pinch-Waist Hummingbird Feeder

Pinch Waist Feeder

This is a great choice for your hummers because not only do the 4 flower feeding portals have protective bee guards, the flowers are large enough to offer privacy to the hummingbirds that feed side-by-side. This gives them a better feeding experience. Plus, the bright red color that covers the feeder will attract all of the hummingbirds in your area. It holds 8oz of nectar and you’ll be able to clean it fast because the parts are so easily accessible.

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#6: Perky-Pet 786 Red Mason Jar Glass Hummingbird Feeder

Mason Jar - Perky Pet

This adorable feeder will give any home a little splash of southern charm. The antique red jar is easy for tiny hummers to spot. The metal base with 5 elegant feeding flowers and round perch will offer a great place for the birds to rest their wings and enjoy the 32oz of nectar.

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#7: Perky-Pet 8oz Window Mount Hummingbird Feeder

8oz Window Feeder

When you want to see your tiny hummers coloring and mannerisms front and center, then a window feeder might just be your best option. The red base easily catches the eyes of the hummingbirds passing by and the 2 feeding flowers are placed so you get the best angle for viewing. Once you put the durable suction cups on your window, you’ll be amazed at the hours of beauty you get to enjoy.

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Best Perky Pet Hummingbird Feeder Comparison Chart

 Perky Pet 209B Glass Hummingbird FeederPerky Pet 8119 Red Antique Bottle FeederPerky Pet 710B Elegant Copper Feeder
Holds30 OZ24 OZ12 OZ
BrandPerky PetPerky PetPerky Pet
ListedLargest CapacityMost PopularSmallest Feeder

Benefits of using Perky-Pet hummingbird feeders

When you purchase a feeder from an innovative and established brand like Perky-Pet, then you’ll be getting the quality that you and your hummer community need to thrive. They pay attention to those little details that make your experience a positive one. By offering features such as bee guards, ant moats, and creative designs, you’ll be able to attract and protect the tiny birds that often feed in your yard.

Don’t forget to check out their other items such as hanging hooks and replacement flowers. When you select a Perky-Pet hummingbird feeder then you’ll have the luxury of having all of the supplies you need to keep your hummers happy.

About Perky-Pet Brand

Perky-Pet is a privately owned company of Woodstream Corp. They have over one hundred and fifty years of experience in manufacturing high-quality and affordable feeders for all of you needs. They are focused on producing innovative products that help birds survive and stay healthy in their natural environment. Their number one concern is that hummingbirds have safe surroundings.