Large Hummingbird Feeders

Once you put out one hummingbird feeder, you might notice that you are getting more little visitors coming by than you anticipated. When this happens, it’s time to upgrade to a larger model. Here are the top 7 large hummingbird feeders so you can take care of all of the hummingbirds that give your yard a visit.

#1: Best 1 Hummingbird Feeder

Large Hummingbird Feeder

This mammoth size hummingbird feeder holds 72 ounces of nectar! With a practical design equipped with an ant moat and a shatterproof canister, you really can’t beat how many hummingbirds will be able to thrive off this single feeder. Plus, the clear container makes it easy to know when it’s time to change the nectar.

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#2: More Birds 41 Classic Brands Big Gulp Humming Bird Feeder

More Birds Hummingbird Feeder

The big gulp is 40 ounces and absolutely beautiful. The petite yellow feeding flowers each offer their own perch to the hummingbird. The wide mouth canister makes it easy to clean and to fill with nectar. This feeder has some of the top qualities you should look for when providing nourishment for your hummingbirds.

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#3: Humdinger Hummingbird Feeder

Humdinger Large Feeder

When you need to feed a lot of hummingbirds and want a container that is easy to fill, this 72oz feeder is for you. It’s extremely easy to keep clean because the feeding flowers are painted on the base, so there are no crevices for the nectar to be caught in.

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#4: First Nature 3055 32-ounce Hummingbird Feeder

3055 Feeder First Nature

With 10 feeding portals, you’re ensured that you will never waste a drop of nectar with this feeder. Its base is covered in a sharp red that passing hummingbirds cannot resist. The reservoir is wide, making it easy to fill, and the base separates into two parts making it easy to clean. Basically – it’s a win win.

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#5: First Nature 9933117-444 Double Stack Hummingbird Feeder

Large Double Stack Feeder

This innovative hummingbird feeder holds 32 ounces, has 32 feeding portals, and is solid red so it can’t be missed. Its double decker design keeps out ants, bees, and wasps. It’s easy to clean and refill, and has sealed ring that prevents leaks.

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#6: Best-1 32oz Hummingbird Feeder

Best-1 Large Version

You can’t beat the design of this 32oz feeder. The circular base holds 8 feeding portals and the circular perch surrounding the reservoir offers a nice rest for the hummingbird’s wings. Plus the glass canister is easy to soak in hot water, rinse, and get right back to work.

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#7: Songbird Essentials Songbird Essential Dr. JB Switchable 80oz Feeder Bulk

Songbirds Essentials Feeder

This 80oz (yes 80oz) feeder is simply for supplying food to a mass amount of hummingbirds. While it only boasts 4 feeding portals, it provides an all day supply to the tiny birds that protect your yard as their home. It’s simple to clean and has a red base to draw in hummingbirds. The clear canister that holds the nectar is easy to see so you know when you’re due for a refill.

These are only 7 of the best large hummingbird feeders. We’ll follow up with more great feeders as we find them. We know that your hummingbird community is exciting to watch and care for, and so is ours. So, we’ll keep you posted on the best products we find!

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