Decorative Hummingbird Feeders

While hummingbirds do their own amount of decorating our world, there is just something about having a unique and beautiful hummingbird feeder to add a touch of art to your home. After all, these feeders are a part of your landscape. Here are the top decorative hummingbird feeders to please the your eyes and the hummingbirds pallet.

#1: Metal Hummingbird Feeder Base with Unique Flower Design, Vivid Colors and Hang Ring for Nectar Bottle

Decorative Hummingbird Feeder

The decorative flower design of this feeder will look great in gardens and hanging from porches. The large flower with yellow petals and a red center appeals to hummingbirds that are far away to come take a look. The red bottle complements the artistic design of the hanger.

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#2: Sunset Vista Designs Garden Essentials Paisley Hummingbird Feeder, 21-inch Tall

Unique Design Sunset Vista Feeder

With beautiful accents of colors throughout this design, you’ll enjoy looking at the feeder no matter where you place. The red tip of the feeding portal will attract the hummers and the glass blue bottle is elegantly wrapped in wire. The top design is crafted to look like a metal hummingbird attracted to a lovely pink flower. It offers the perfect addition to your hummingbird feeder collection.

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#3: Parasol Lunchpail 3 Hummingbird Feeder Aqua

Decorative Parasol Aqua Feeder

Parasol brand offers you three adorable feeders made with recycled glass. The individual feeding vessels include a perch and a ruby red feeding flower placed at the top. This strategic design is not only exquisite to look at in the sunlight, but prevents nectar leaks that can bring in unwanted bees and ants.

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#4: Cherry Valley Feeder Garden Gem Hummingbird Feeder 3 piece Multi-Pack

Decorative Cherry Valley Feeders

These small and attractive feeders can be placed apart so your hummers can pick their favorite and have a little distance from others eating. The decorative hand painted style feeders are easy to clean and refill. Plus, the hanger is included so these little feeders are ready to put up right away.

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#5: Hummingbird Vineyard Hummingbird Feeder Colorful Colorado Single

Colorful Feeder

The wine bottle style of this hummingbird feeder is a lot of fun. The florescent colors that surround the bottle make an exciting statement in your landscape, and hummingbirds won’t be able to turn down a drink from this leak resistant feeder. The nectar will be safe from bees and ants because the feeding hole won’t allow them access. The design does not allow extra airflow to enter either, so you’ll never have to worry about premature spoilage.

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#6: Best Copper Hummingbird Feeder with Mosaic Painted Glass

Glass Copper Feeding Device

This excellently rated hummingbird feeder makes a few top lists because of its beautiful mosaic design and its brushed copper finish. The four feeding flowers have a natural look with yellow, red and orange accents. The lovely glass vessel holds 27 ounces of nectar and has the durability you desire in a decorative feeder. You won’t have to worry about it cracking. This hummingbird feeder makes a perfect gift or addition to your landscape because of its timeless design and perfect size.

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