15 Best Hummingbird Feeders 2023

These best hummingbird feeders will be loved by your local hometown hummingbirds. Attract more hummingbirds this year with these beautifully designed feeders. Reviews of top feeder brands such as Perky Pet, First Nature, Aspects, Gnome and More Birds are included.

Feeding Hummingbirds

Hummingbirds are some of the most fascinating creatures on earth. These tiny birds might have a memory like an elephant (they actually remember every single flower and feeder they have been to!) but their metabolism is about a hundred times that of the ten thousand pound giants. Which explains why they need to eat every 15 minutes in order to maintain the energy to thrive and survive.

When you want the pleasure of viewing these amazing birds in action, then you need to make sure you get one of the top feeders in the market. By providing the hummingbirds in your area with a place to perch and feed, you’ll enjoy their company for years to come. Here is a list of the top 15 hummingbird feeders to get your tiny bird oasis started.

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1. First Nature 3090 32 OZ Hummingbird Feeder

First Nature 32 OZ Hummingbird Feeder

First Nature 3090 is a 32-ounce hummingbird feeder in a predominantly bright red hue, which should attract the most inquisitive hummers. The two-part base and wide-mouth, easy-to-fill jar reservoir significantly helps with cleaning the feeder. The feeder port is capable of accommodating several hummingbirds at the same time.

If the yellow flowers at the base fall off with use, you can easily find their replacements. And if you do not fancy the flowers, you can take them off and not hurt the functionality of the feeder doing that. There is an ant moat that comes built in. Also, the feeder doesn’t leak, which means zero awkward spills while filling the container.


• Well-designed
• Wide mouth helps with cleaning
• No leaking
• Rainwater proof


• The yellow flowers could attract bees
• Not dishwasher-safe

Check it out: http://www.hummingbirdsplus.org/FirstNature32OZFeeder

Perky Pet Glass Hummingbird Feeder

The Perky Pet 209B is a glass feeder that can easily house up to 850 ml of nectar feed. The hardened glass bottle is clear and makes nectar levels monitoring easy. The wide-mouth bottle design makes filling and cleaning the bottle easy. To entice birds and offer visual appeal, this Perky Pet feeder features bright yellow and red accents.

The feeder comprises six feeding stations and a wraparound perch. Moreover, the flower-shaped ports provide built-in guards to safeguard the nectar from bees. In addition to the inbuilt ant moat, this hummingbird feeder is also capable of protecting the nectar from some unwanted invaders.


• Clear glass build
• Wide-mouth bottle
• Has built-in bee guards
• Multiple convenient feeding ports
• Completely detachable


• Leaking could be an issue
• The ant moat could do a better job

Check it out: http://www.hummingbirdsplus.org/PerkyPet209BFeeder

3. Parasol BLOOMPAQ Bloom Perch Feeder

Parasol Aqua Glass Hummingbird Feeder

The Parasol BLOOMPAG is an elegantly designed bird feeder. It comes with perches and a removable top that helps with easy cleaning and refilling. Capable of holding up to 16 ounces of nectar, the feeder is completely made of recycled glass. The blue color design may look a bit uninviting or not so hummingbird-friendly. However, as you use the feeder, you realize the color doesn’t make any real difference to the birds.

The feeder is extremely functional, despite not looking the part. Probably the thing that sets this feeder apart from most other feeders, besides the design, is the all-glass build or the complete absence of plastic. If bottom feeders are not your jam, you would appreciate this top-feeding feeder.


• Elegantly designed
• No use of plastic anywhere
• Usage instructions manual included in the package


• A relatively expensive purchase
• Port holes are a bit too large

Check it out: http://www.hummingbirdsplus.org/ParasolAquaFeeder

4. Best-1 32oz. Hummingbird Feeder

Best-1 Hummingbird Feeder

The Best-1 is a modular feeder that promises longevity like no other feeder. For instance, if the foot perch gets damaged over a period of use, you can order that exact part as replacement instead of buying a new feeder altogether. The feeder is sturdily built, particularly when compared to its predecessor. This means you should not have to bother about parts replacement in a long time.

The plastic perch’s thickness has been increased and removing the perch’s lid has also become easier than before. To clean the feeder, you may pop off the reservoir’s lid. The feeding bottle is made of glass. It’s thick enough to withstand drops on grass fields but could not go unscathed upon coming in contact with harder surfaces, such as a concrete pavement. The feeder comes with eight feeding stations. The holding capacity is up to 280 grams.


• Extremely easy to use
• Wasp and bee proof
• Sturdy and durable
• Modular design


• Accessing the reservoir’s mouth with a cleaning brush can be challenging
• The glass bottle can still break

Check it out: http://www.hummingbirdsplus.org/Best132ozFeeder

5. Aspects 407 Jewel Box Window Feeder

Aspects Window Hummingbird Feeder

The Aspects 407 is a jewel box-style feeder in bright red colour. The feeder is designed to be placed near your window, which also helps you easily remove the feeder and view beautiful birds feeding from it. With the capacity to hold up to eight ounces of nectar at a time, the feeder has three ports and you can use it without or with an ant moat for blocking crawling insects.

Though made completely from plastic, the polycarbonate used here is high-quality and quite sturdy. The feeder is made in Rhode Island, USA using the best possible materials available. This is primarily the reason why Aspects is confident enough to back this feeder up with a lifetime guarantee.


• Works flawlessly
• Easy to clean and install
• Sturdy build
• Strong suction
• Lifetime guarantee

• May have trouble attracting some hummingbirds

Check it out: http://www.hummingbirdsplus.org/AspectsWindowFeeder

6. First Nature 3055 32 OZ Bird Feeder

First Nature Feeder

The First Nature 3055 is a 32-ounce feeder. The lantern-style design in bright red helps attract hummingbirds. The wide-mouth jar helps significantly with cleaning and refilling the feeder. The two-part foundation easily twists apart for complete cleaning. The perch is designed to offer the ideal position for hummingbirds to feed comfortably at the ports, which are 10 in total.

Despite the presence of 10 ports, the feeder offers no leaking problems. The plastic body may put you off initially. But once you start using the feeder and see how it works, you’ll most likely end up buying multiples of them. There are birdwatchers who have been using this feeder for years together and still have not come across any major issues with it.

• Well-built
• Easy to refill and clean
• 10 ports
• No leaking issues


• Is not the best at keeping bees at bay

Check it out: http://www.hummingbirdsplus.org/FirstNature3055Feeder

7. Stokes Select 38110 Ruby Prism Feeder

Stokes Select Hummingbird Feeder

Stokes Select 38110 is a modern-looking hummingbird feeder. The prism-like design is attractive and looks quite good in the outdoors. The feeder is made of shatter-proof, durable plastic. The base is made of stainless steel, which adds to the durability of the feeder.
To discuss things outside of the feeder, Stokes Select donates a portion of the sales realized through this feeder toward the protection and conservation of bird habitats. Therefore, by buying this feeder, you are not just creating a solid bird environment around your house but also contributing to the general good of the birds.

• Attractive design
• Shatterproof, durable build
• Easy-to-use locking mechanisms
• Stainless steel base ensures weather-resistance and long-lasting wear
• Leak-resistant


• The prism is not clear enough since it’s made of plastic

Check it out: http://www.hummingbirdsplus.org/StokesRubyPrismFeeder

8. Birdscapes 8111-2 Violet Meadows 8-Ounce Glass Feeder

Birdscapes Hummingbird Feeder

The Birdscapes 8111-2 by Wirezoll is a beautifully designed, yet extremely functional hummingbird feeder. The nectar container is made of glass and is painted by hand. This makes the feeder look a lot more premium than it actually is. The base cover is made of copper, which also features four bee-resisting feeding flowers. Not to mention, the nectar capacity is eight ounces.

Since the container is made of glass, it facilitates complete transparency so that you know when it’s time to fill the feeder. The hanging hook that comes built-in helps with placing the feeder in any garden or yard.


• Elegant glass design
• Hand paintings are beautiful
• Copper base adds to the feeder’s durability


• Glass body can break relatively easily compared to plastic

Check it out: http://www.hummingbirdsplus.org/BirdscapesGlassFeeder

9. Schrodt CSH-F-R Crystal Spiral Feeder

Schrodt Hummingbird Feeder

The Schrodt CSH-F-R is another well-designed hummingbird feeder. The red colour looks brilliant and gives the feeder an artistic touch. Not to mention, the red hue also helps attract the birds. The base is made of copper-plated metal so that it’s strong enough to host hummingbirds while they hover or perch while feeding via the ports.

The feeder is easy to clean and also leak-free. The product bundle comes with Schrodt’s nectar recipe, which would help if this is your first feeder. As far as capacity is concerned, this six-inch wide and 12-inch tall feeder is capable of holding up to 16 ounces of nectar.


• Beautiful and attractive design
• Easy to clean and fill
• Product package includes nectar recipe
• Leakage-free


• The tinted glass is a bit too dark to check nectar fluid levels

Check it out: http://www.hummingbirdsplus.org/SchrodtSpiralFeeder

10. Audubon 12 OZ Hummingbird Feeder

Audubon Hummingbird Feeder

Audubon 12 is a six-port plastic feeder. It’s 15 inches tall and comes with four fully looped perches that make feeding the birds from it fairly easy and convenient. The feeder has the capacity to hold up to two pounds of seeds. The built is high-quality plastic. The top, base, ports and tubes are polycarbonate.

The feeder comes with a wire hanger that helps with positioning the feeder any place you want. Since the feeder is top-filling, it’s easy to fill and clean. The feeder works the best for small birds, like hummingbirds, which should majorly attract people who like to attract and feed only hummingbirds in their gardens.


• Good design
• Ample number of ports
• Easy to clean and fill
• Ideal for hummingbirds


• Plastic build could have been avoided

Check it out: http://www.hummingbirdsplus.org/Audubon12OZFeeder

11. Perky-Pet 8119-2 Red Antique Bottle Feeder

Red Perky Pet Hummingbird Feeder

The Perky Pet 8119-2 is an antique-style hummingbird feeder. The red container looks quite attractive. The base has elegant flower accents and the brushed copper finish ensures adds to the feeder’s durability. There are four flower feeding ports in total, which should be ample to feed multiple birds at once. And the 700ml nectar-holding capacity means you’ll not be refiling the feeder way too often.

Also, the feeder is very easy to refill and clean. You just have to unscrew it at its base. Make sure you clean the feeder once a week or two, and use a bottle brush and hot water, along with some mild soap.


• Antique design is unique and attractive
• Elegant flower accents at the base
• Durable copper finish
• Four feeding ports
• 700ml nectar-holding capacity


• A gasket may be needed to prevent leakage

Check it out: http://www.hummingbirdsplus.org/PerkyPetRedAntiqueFeeder

12. Perky-Pet 710B Elegant Copper Feeder with Free Nectar

Perky Pet Copper Glass Hummingbird Feeder

The Perky-Pet 710B is a wide-mouth, bottle-style feeder. Thanks to its utilitarian design, the feeder mitigates spills and messes significantly every time you fill the feeder. There are four feeding ports in total. And the perch is circular to facilitate 360-degree feeding.

The base is made of metal and it easily comes off to facilitate cleaning. Also, there are bee guards built-in which help with safeguarding the nectar against insects. The overall design is quite minimalistic and elegant. The brushed copper finish, in particular, should look good in pretty much any setting.


• Beautiful and elegant design
• Well-made and durable
• Easy to clean
• Wide-mouth opening
• 360-degree feeding


• Dripping issues

Check it out: http://www.hummingbirdsplus.org/PerkyPet710BCopperFeeder

13. Perky-Pet 8108-2 Green Antique Bottle Feeder

Perky Pet Green Antique Glass Hummingbird Feeder

Perky-Pet 8108-2 is a 10-ounce hummingbird feeder in an antique avatar. It features a glass bottle for a container. The sea green colour of the container and the brushed silver accents at the base give the feeder a strong design language. There are four feeding ports at the base of the feeder. Those are flower-shaped and look quite beautiful.


• Beautiful design
• Four ports
• Easy to fill and clean


• Like most Perky-Pet feeders, leaking is an issue with this model too

Check it out: http://www.hummingbirdsplus.org/PerkyPet8108Feeder

14. More Birds 39 Classic Brands 20 OZ Humming Bird Vintage Feeder

More Birds Vintage Hummingbird Feeder

With a 20-ounce fluid capacity, the More Birds 39 has a simpler, yet classic design. This antique looking bottle comes with a pewter finish at its base, which adds to the elegance of the feeder. Also, the base is home to five perches made out of metal. They are durable and quite functional.


• Well-designed
• Strong and durable
• Easy to clean
• Transparent container


• A bit on the heavier side

Check it out: http://www.hummingbirdsplus.org/MoreBirdsVintageFeeder

15. More Birds Glory 12 OZ Copper Feeder

More Birds Copper Glass Hummingbird Feeder

More Birds Glory is a hummingbird feeder with the capacity to hold up to 13 ounces of fluid. It has five flower-shaped ports for feeding so that multiple birds could feed from it simultaneously. The brushed copper finish is beautiful and makes the feeder look quite elegant than it actually is. The feeder is also quite easy to clean.


• Easy to clean
• Beautiful design
• Strong build


• Has rusting issues

Check it out: http://www.hummingbirdsplus.org/MoreBirdsGloryFeeder

Hummingbird Feeders Comparison

 Perky Pet 209B Glass FeederStokes Select 38110 Ruby Prism Hummingbird FeederParasol BLOOMPAQ Bloom Perch Hummingbird Feeder AquaFirst Nature 3055 32-ounce Hummingbird Feeder
TypeGlass, PlasticPlasticGlassPlastic
Holds30 OZ24 OZ16 OZ32 OZ
BrandPerky PetStokesParasolFirst Nature
ListedMost PopularHighest RatedMost BeautifulMost Affordable

Selecting a Hummingbird Feeder

Now that you have been exposed to some of the top hummingbird feeding devices in the market, you might wonder which one is going to be best for you. One of the first things you’ll want to consider is how easy they are to clean. You’ll be cleaning and refilling them once every two to four days. The hotter the weather is, the more frequently you will want to change the nectar so it doesn’t spoil. You should find one that easily unscrews and allows you to access the feeding portals.

Hummingbird Eating

Also, if you are at the beginning of building your hummingbird community, a red feeder is going to be your best option since it attracts new visitors. If you decide to get multiple feeders, you’ll want to spread them out because these tiny birds are very territorial when it comes to their food. Another consideration to make is if you want special features such as an ant moat or bee guards.

You can also decide whether or not you want to have a feeder with a perch. Of course flowers and honeysuckles in nature do not offer perches, so this is going to be up to your own personal preference.

Types of Hummingbird Feeders

While there are many different styles of feeders to choose from, there are really two main designs. An inverted feeder has a vertical bottle or tube that holds the nectar, and then a horizontal basin that has the feeding portals attached to it. This style of hummingbird feeder is often easier for birds to spot, and can hold larger amounts of nectar.

The basin-design feeding device will run horizontally and looks like a Frisbee or disc. These are easy to clean because they have fewer working parts, and many of them are dishwasher safe. Once again, it is really up to your personal preference. If you want to know which one you will like the best, test both styles out.

Hummingbird Feeder Materials

When selecting feeders, pay attention to the materials they are made from. Cleaning them is going to be an important element to factor into your decision. Many prefer glass because it is easy to soak in warm water and doesn’t require the attention that plastic does. If you do select a plastic feeder, check to see if it is UV stable and made with food grade plastic.

Look at the label so you know if the materials are dishwasher safe. You’ll also want to make sure that any pieces such as hangers and bases that are composed of metal, are resilient to rusting. Remember, your feeding device should be able to withstand the natural elements such as rain, wind, and sunlight.

Hummingbird Feeder Brands

It can be overwhelming to find the best brands of hummingbird feeders with so many on the market. However, there are a few that set themselves above the rest. Stokes Select has some of the highest rated feeders on the market because of the durability and quality they offer.

First Nature provides a wide range of feeder options and has perfected an easy to clean product.

Perky-Pet is another top brand that has everything you need to get your hummingbird community started, and thriving. Their collection of feeders are elegant, but also extremely functional, making them a fantastic choice.

More Birds is one of the best feeder brands on the market. They offer you unique styles that will not only please the birds, but will look great in your yard. They offer vintage and antique designs, as well as more traditional styles. They are easy to clean and refill on a regular basis.

History of Hummingbird Feeders

While avid bird-watchers have been paying attention to these tiny creatures for decades, feeding hummingbirds through a commercial device did not come about until around 1950. The design was by Laurence Webster and was produced by a glassblower at the MIT lab. Laurence made the feeder for his wife, who was fascinated to learn from a National Geographic that you could feed hummingbirds in your own backyard.

While there had been publications in the past about feeding these birds with a sweet nectar through artificial flowers since the 1800’s, these were handmade by hummingbird lovers. It was the publications of John James Audubon that really brought awareness about feeding hummingbirds at home.

Hummingbird Feeder Cleaning Tips

We all know that sugar water can be a sticky mess, and in hot weather it can get downright gross. That is why it is so important, if you want to keep hummingbirds coming back to your yard, that you keep feeders clean. Try to avoid using soap when possible, and stick to a hot tap water. One every month or two, you can make a bleach solution of one gallon water and one fourth cup bleach. Soak the feeder, and then scrub it with a brush. Rinse with hot water.

You can also use one part vinegar and two parts water to soak the feeder, and then scrub just as you would with the bleach. Both of these methods will always be safer methods than using soap.

Keeping Bees and Ants away from your feeder

One of the most troublesome parts of having a hummingbird feeder is seeing ants and bees continually swarming it. While you can get feeders that have features that protect them from this, there are a few natural methods you can use.

Bees Hummingbird Feeder

  • Pay attention to the placement of your feeder. If you find that it is continually being swarmed, you can move the feeder to a new location. Trust me, the hummingbirds will find it, but the bees and ants won’t relocate with them.
  • Offer bees their own feeding attraction nearby. This will give them their own place to eat, and many will leave the feeding device alone.
  • Keep your hummingbird feeder clean! The cleaner you keep your feeder, the less problems you will have with ants and bees because the nectar will stay in the feeder, and not splash outside of it.
  • Use fishing line to hang up your feeder. Ants can’t climb this as easily, and be sure that you hang the feeder as far as you can off of a tree branch or gutter.