Hummingbird Necklaces

Hummingbirds symbolize an elegant and lighthearted nature. By offering the symbol of the hummingbird as a gift to your loved ones, they will happily wear it around their neck as often as possible. Hummingbird necklaces come in many designs. With the list below, you’ll be able to find the perfect gift for the ones you love. Or, simply buy one for yourself as a constant reminder of the beautiful spirit hummingbirds offer the world.

#1: Sterling Silver Hummingbird with Swarovski Elements Pendant Necklace, 18”

Swarovski Hummingbird Necklace

When you want to capture the hints of color that grace the wings of hummingbirds, then look no further than the beautiful Swarovski stones used in this design. This necklace can dress up a simple outfit or enhance the look of an elegant dress. The durable sterling silver chain can easily be adjusted no matter what you wear.

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#2: Silver Iced Out Crystal Paved Hummingbird Pendant Mood Necklace

Silver Crystal Hummingbird Necklace

This necklace is perfect for all ages. It comes with a velvet pouch for presentation, as well as to keep it safe when traveling. Because it is an affordable gift, you can give it for all occasions no matter how big or small.

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#3: Dogeared Sterling Silver Life Is Beautiful Reminder Necklace, 18”

Life is Beautiful Necklace

The beautiful presentation and message that comes with this necklace will touch the heart of the recipient. The length of the chain can be adjusted for every outfit and the humble size of the gold dipped hummingbird looks elegant and simple against the skin.

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#4: 14k Gold Hummingbird Necklace Pendant with 18” Box Chain

Gold Hummingbird Necklace

While this necklace comes with a satisfaction guarantee, you’ll never have to use it. The gorgeous hummingbird pendant is elegantly designed with wings that spread lightheartedly. It comes ready to give in a Honolulu box, so the second it arrives on your doorstep, you’ll be ready to present it to the avid hummingbird watcher in your life.

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#5: Cloisonne Ruby Throat Hummingbird Necklace

Ruby Throat Hummingbird Necklace

With lovely green accents and the splash of a ruby red throat, this hummingbird jewelry will look charming hanging on the neck of your special lady. Made with sterling silver and Swarovski crystal, this makes a great gift for every occasion.

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#6: Silver Forest Hummingbird Necklace

Silver Forest

This enchanting necklace captures the beauty of the hummingbird and adds a nice touch of blue to the wings. It’s made in the USA and is just the thing the hummingbird lover in your life would enjoy wearing for special occasions or on a daily basis.

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#7: Sterling Silver Black Hills Gold Hummingbird Necklace

Black Hills Gold Necklace

The design of this necklace offers a simple charm and soft colors that capture the true spirit of little hummers. The attention to detail and exquisite craftsmanship is seen in the curves of the wings and the etching of the leaves. This makes a great gift for mothers, girlfriends, wives, grandmothers and friends.

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#8: Fine 14k Yellow Gold Diamond-Accented Hummingbird Pendant Necklace

Gold Diamond Necklace

The diamond accent is a beautiful touch and the polished finish will make this exquisite hummingbird necklace shine around the neck of your loved one. This fine piece of jewelry harbors the essence of the hummingbird and provides a constant reminder of their lighthearted spirit.

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#9: Sterling Silver Heart Locket Necklace hummingbird, 16 inch

Heart Hummingbird Necklace

The heart shaped hummingbird locket makes the perfect gift for teenagers, as well as adults. The detail in the design compliments the soft colors that are used in the sterling silver necklace. If you want to add a personal touch, add photos to the locket to remind the recipient of who gave them the present.

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#10: Earth Reflections Diamond Cut Pendant Necklace – Hummingbird

Earth Reflections Diamond

We love this necklace because of its rustic design and affordable price. The teal stone behind the hummingbird coin gives it a pop of color. This makes the perfect stocking stuffer, addition to an Easter basket, birthday present and more. Or, just buy one for yourself as a hummingbird good luck charm.

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#11: Boma Sterling Silver Origami Hummingbird Necklace

Origami Necklace

Adding a unique twist on the hummingbird, this origami designed silver pendant is fun to look at and wear. Its cool style can be worn with a t-shirt and jeans, or you can dress up a sundress. Adults and teenagers will both love the adjustable chain.

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#12: GiftJewelryShop Bronze Retro Style Hummingbird Vintage Keys Charm Pendant Necklace

Key Charm Necklace

If you know someone who prefers vintage style jewelry, this hummingbird charm will be a fantastic gift. It comes with a lovely gift box and beautifies the natural gifts that the hummingbird possesses. The creative piece is affordable and a great present on its own or paired with a hummingbird feeder.

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Best Hummingbird Necklace Comparison Chart

 Silver Crystal Paved Hummingbird NecklaceDogeared Sterling Silver NecklaceHonolulu Jewelry Necklace PendantComputerGear Ruby Throat Necklace
BrandEmbolden JewelryDogearedHonolulu Jewelry CompanyComputerGear
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