Painted Bunting
Adult male Painted Bunting
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Fort Morgan Banding Station And Reports

HBSG Banding Station
Stable area at Ft. Morgan banding station
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Fort Morgan, Alabama - The Fort Morgan Bird Banding Station is located in Fort Morgan State Historical Park and is operational for two weeks each spring and fall. Here, with the help of our crew of trained and dedicated volunteers, we capture and band thousands of Neo-tropical migrant birds annually representing dozens of species. During some sessions we also capture large numbers of migrating Ruby-throated hummingbirds. This site is the first landfall and the last departure point for thousands of migrating birds. At Fort Morgan, we have an excellent opportunity to monitor population levels and the general condition of migrant birds, as well as gaining important insights into the effects of weather on bird migration. Banding sessions at the Fort Morgan Bird Banding Station are open to supporters and to the general public.

Fort Morgan Banding Spring 2012 PDF
Fort Morgan Banding Spring 2013 PDF
Fort Morgan Banding Fall 2013 PDF

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